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    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    Nice mod, I can notice the game play changes but not too much. One problem though, the cameras on half time and full time occasionally are following nothing, just spinning around the pitch making me dizzy :s
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    FIFA 11 Real Performance Optimizer (Real Solving to Any Lags) - Doctor+ Productions

    Still lag for me, any ideas? I don't lag until about 40mins into a match, then it clogs up and stutters. Usually I have to pause the game and it fixes itself. It appears to be random however I have the feeling when the CPU changed it's mentality (ie: Ultra Defensive - Ultra Attacking) or when...
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    :: Scoreboard Lab Research | No Request, release, just clue ::

    Finally!!! :bob: (Y) :33vff3o: :biggrinx: Thank you MD, that was all anyone could ask for! Now I can actually make my own! To anyone else just moaning about a release, you have the tools now to do it yourself so stop nagging. He's shown us what can be done, now we have to do it. Forget...
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    :: Scoreboard Lab Research | No Request, release, just clue ::

    I've been trying to do my own version but the "hint" isn't really even a hint. I can understand both sides, being a modder myself in a few different communities however you have to have to expect a backlash if you release shots of such an amazing mod with no intention of release. The only...