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    Thx man :)
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    Im pretty sure this is asked; but which players exactly can do the akka? (I cant find anything on search button :nape: )
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    My soccer wallpapers

    @Rochester Rhino: I can't reach you by MSN, so i'll ask it here: Can you send me those great big soccerpictures that i had to put on my space so everybody could download? *Mail me at [email protected] *** Sorry for posting this in your thread *** Wallpapers are great as always...
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    Wha happened to

    I adore Imageshack :), with two clicks you have your image on the web :D
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    wallpaper tutorial?

    For Walls, i usually first find some great pictures and then just start to add effects, it'll work
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    My Video Compilations Thread [©Se7eN]

    Where did you make it with?
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    Movie Compilation

    Yes, but does it help when you're not n00b at those programs? And i want to start with the best program, because i really want to make a perfect compilation and i'll take the time for it.
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    Feyenoord vs AFC Ajax [P+R]

    Feyenoord - Ajax 2-3 :D They said the 2nd goal was Amazing, like van Basten at EC 1988. I'll post the link to that goal as soon as possible.
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    Movie Compilation

    Indeed, im not n00b with Photoshop and Flash MX, is that better though?
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    Movie Compilation

    Hi, i want to make a video compilation of a soccer club, but whit which programm should i do that? :lui:
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    Replays Thread

    How to make a video compilation, because i really want to make some ;)
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    Nik's Wallpapers

    I mean clean cutting, not rough cutting.
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    New Chelsea Sig

    It's okay but nothing special..
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    Sig Check

    Thx for your comments :), i will make some changes and then i will post it again.
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    CyreX's SIG Thread

    Oh i really love them :), nice style :D
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    Sig Check

    What do you think of my new sig, spent quite a lot of time on it.
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    Getting Big Pics

    That's because we got some logo's from (thanks again ;)) and for copyrights English doesn't let them...
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    Getting Big Pics

    You can download it again from the Graphicious server: Graphicious SoccerPicturePack by Rochester Rhino and Nielz: With 517 Pictures and Logo's!
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    HCE: Ajax vs. PSV [P+R]

    Nah, think next season will go better ... With Blind...
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    Matip Sig Thread

    Nah back-ontopic i think? Like your sigs Matip, especially the benfica one