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    Manchester United F.C Thread [2009/2010]

    United try to crush "green and gold uprising" Disgraceful, really, by the club.
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    Muse - The Resistance

    not a fan of muse but can anyone tell me what's with the epic revolutionary themes? just sounding cool or are they actually political?
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    The Official Logo of the EURO 2012 [comments]

    i don't really give a **** about the logo, but can't help smirking reading all this really really "manly" critique :innocent_smile_1:
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    New Kits 2010/2011

    sort of OT, but still... you know those cheap online stores (i think most of them were korean?) that sell original-looking-not-so-original-kits? few of those have been mentioned on these forums but i can't seem to find them, can anyone help me out?
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    Manchester United Thread [2008/2009]

    **** yeah, congrats. feels a lot better getting it infront of pool (Y)
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    Eurovision 2K8

    Haha! Composer of the Estonian "song" after the voting to an Estonian newspaper: "This year, we didn´t give a ****, we came to fool around. Thought we´d make the stupidest song ever, but apparently, we weren´t stupid enough" "Most of the songs here qualify as pieces of ****!" "I don´t...
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    Jesus ******* Cristiano! Congrats everybody. Well ******* deserved! I can´t remember, when was the last time I felt like this...oh yeah, may 1999 :tongue: PS. I have a massive hang-over. PPS. Go ahead and call me a **** for all the ranting I did last year :D
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    Japan and Kashima Antlers centre-half Yohei Inoha said : “Manucho seemed as if he was still suffering jet-lag from the long journey here. But his pace, power and dribbling skills are amazing. It was the first time I have played against a player like him."...
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    The Kosovo Independence Thread {P+R}

    This is awesome :D Firstly, congrats to Kosovo, I´m really glad for you, bybuti. Great sig too, I think it´s the first time I´m happy seeing the Latvian flag somewhere. Secondly, burning US embassy (H)(Y)!!!11!!1one
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    Another University shooting

    Uh, you reckon that strict gun control would change anything? I don´t, really.
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    Not the best of quality...
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    **** yeah :D Nice match, the linesmen were some of the most incompetent I´ve ever seen though.
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    Rumours Center

    Rondaldinho (Barcelona) -----> Boro,19528,11661_2941112,00.html :rofl:
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    Yeah, alongside with tens of other players (H) But you just can´t help but doubt each time we (are about to) sign someone, well if you´re a moaning **** like me anyways :p
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    Arsenal v's Manchester United [ P + R ]

    What a match... I think I need a shot (or ten) of vodka to relax my nerves :D
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    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer retires from football

    Everything´s been said already, a true legend! (Y) I´ll never ever forget this day: aPkJ3HDo9HM
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    Viasat (H)!
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    New Kits 2007/2008

    haha :D
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    New Kits 2007/2008

    Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Go Planet!
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    Team that played against Port Vale: Ron-Robert Zieler, Richard Eckersley, Adam Eckersley, Michael Lea, Ryan Shawcross, Richard Jones, Kieran Lee, Sam Hewson, Frazier Campbell, Guiseppi Rossi, Michael Barnes Subs: Gary Woods, Jimmy Derbyshire, Oli Norwood, Danny Srinkwater, Corry Evans, Sean...