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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    Never thought the ghostbusters theme was this versatile
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    Pro Evoluti Superpatch 0.5 for PES 2008 online!

    Never mind, solved the problem. I loaded the wrong option file :p
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    Pro Evoluti Superpatch 0.5 for PES 2008 online!

    I can't get it to work for some reason. I can see the new badges but the kits haven't changed. I followed all the correct steps and I reloaded the option file but nothing worked. I did get some kind of error when creating the new .img file. In the log window when it's replace (?) the .bin files...
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    Surprise, Surprise....Brazil to host 2014 World Cup

    I'd love to see the what kind of increase in traffic São Paulo will experience during a World Cup. The place doesn't have any rush hour. Rush hour is all ******* day long there. So yeah, what I'm saying is they're going to have to work on the infrantructure for sure. As well as security, fans...
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    Just poked Ander's sister

    huh! scandinavians! what are they good for? absolutely nothing.
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    Help Ewan Run 42km (and live to tell about it) Campaign

    Never ran a marathon but I've started taking up running again big time. At one point I did about 15k (mixed up with some 10k's) but then got injured and sort of forgot about it...until I started turning into a fat **** again:mexican: So now I'm closing in on doing 10k again. Although the...
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    The Sexies With Other Nationalitys

    Brazilian girls are by far the best. My girlfriend is Brazilian and I have to say there's no limit to anything. Twice a day is the bare minimum here. :bob:
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    The - iPod, MP3 player, Gadgets - Thread

    The only reason why Helio Ocean is cool is because of this kick-ass awesome Tim Biskup mural. part two qajwlwuKsw0 part three gTrdT73m_9I
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    National Identity

    ders natting like smaking de erb and catching a fiah ahn de beeach wid a caple af rastafarai
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    Top 10 movie one-liners

    caralho mean dick:jambo:
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    Concerts you've been to

    Got some pretty good stuff coming up here. Cinematic Orchestra DJ Food Money Mark Rodrigo y Gabriela Chili Peppers Now I just need money for tickets...anyone?
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    AS Roma - Manchester United [P]+[R]

    Terrible. The game wasn't particularly interesting to watch and definitely not a good game from United's point of view. The passing was ridiculously bad. I still don't get how they can play so well in the Premiership and then come into the Champions League and pass so terrible. I mean passing...
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    That wasn't funny:nape:
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    Grand Theft Auto 4

    I guarantee you that NYC won't be the only city in the game. I'm sure they'll release some new city in the next couple of trailers. Plus GameInformer is doing a 10-page preview of IV in next month's issue.
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    Best song ever?

    Is it just me or does the guy left of Hitler look black?(H)
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    Best song ever?

    Kansas? Come on man... and Take It Easy is just way too cheesy :D And although Roadhouse Blues and The End are great tracks, the Doors made tracks that are a million times better than those two like "when the music is over" or "moonlight drive" or "peace frog" Oh and another awesome song is...
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    Best song ever?

    Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile 15 minutes of the most amazing blues jam you'll ever hear!
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    Last movie you watched

    Saw Children of Men, fantastic movie. Clive Owen was excellent although I though Chiwetel Ejiofor (sp?) was underused. The actions scenes were frightningly realistic (especially the part where their car is being attacked) and the scenes inside the refugee camp were some of the best 'war'...
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    Which Fast Food Place Do You Visit The Most?

    Your mum's vagina is probably my favourite fast-food place...chew on that myam myam myam:bob: