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    Vanilla + Career Realism Mod [FREE]

    Hi Chris ! There is something boring in FIFA 20. After few saisons, I was looking to transfer players and then, I've noticed that all high potential players (80 or more) has these stats: - Sprint Speed : 99 - Acceleration : 99 - Agility : 99 - Curve : 96 - Ball Control : 98 - Dribbling : 95...
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    Doctor+ Productions 18 Exclusive Worldwide Mods & Tools

    Try it ! It looks illogic I understand that but try it and let me know.
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    Doctor+ Productions 18 Exclusive Worldwide Mods & Tools

    Hi all ! First, thank you Fidel for all works you've done. It's always better to play FIFA with your mods. I am using "FIFA 18 ADVANCED GAMEPLAY EVOLUTION 2.0 - PURE CONTROL" with "AGPE AI 2.0 Ultra Sim Aggressive". The result is very good, but not realistic enough for me, so I've found a way...
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    FIFA 18 Career Mode Patch (Frosty Mod)

    Hi there, I never used Frosty, if someone can teach me how to use it ? I mean, It wants a key to use the tool. So I don't know how to install this very interesting mod to my fifa.
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    [REQUEST] Realistic Transfers

    Yeah these type of stupid unrealistic transfers. Just saw in mine that Pedro has join Fenerbahçe 23 200 000 €... WTF !! 5-10% is a good idea !
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    [REQUEST] Realistic Transfers

    Hi all, I'd like to know if someone can make something to get more realistic transfer moves in career mod, because it is everything but unreal ! You know what I am talking about yeah ? Exemples in the first transfer window : - Nathaniel Clyne (Liverpool) -> (Borrussia Monchengladbach) -...
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    Improved Transfer Mod

    Hey there, I appreciate your work mate, but there is a thing you MUST absolutly fix, because it is making my career borring after some seasons played. For exemple : I am using Galatasaray and trying to play realistic in my management. So I am not buying expensive players because of there...
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    Career Revolution Mod 16

    Hey Beta, I tried to post a comment on you wordpress but there is a problem using Facebook to post... I have a problem with your 2 last versions. I have installed them but the game always crashs while the first loading (before languages selection). Do you know how to fix it ?
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    Brazilian League by Rinaldo

    Hi everyone, I didn't see another topic about Rinaldo's CMP file of Brazilian league. So here is the link to download the file : I need your help to install it correctly (to be able to use it in career mod) because I tried...
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    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    Hi there, I have another problem with v.30. I played 2 seasons and at the begining of the 3rd (July 1st) the game is crashing while loading the 1st day of transfer window. I have also same problem as Foxyf76 with players sold cheeper than they prices for other clubs and always when I want to...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch '14

    Hey there, I am Turkish and can help you if you need. Tell me what you want, and I will doing it !