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    Unidb 3.1 or 3.2 case anyone else is having trouble finding a proper version of 3.2 try this link:
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    Unidb 3.1 or 3.2

    Can someone please provide me with a link to Unidb 3.1 or 3.2. The only version I seem to be able to find is on the Soccer Gaming Downloads site under FIFA2005 Utilities which poports to be v3.2 but when you open the zip and install it appears to be v3.0 and I can't open the eng.db without...
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    FIFA 2005 Controls and Gamepads Thread

    Saitek Gamepads I've been having problems with my Saitek PR2500 in FIFA 2005. I've found this thread at Saitek which might be useful.
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    England Grey Euro 1996 Kit

    I'm sure I saw this on one of the kitmakers threads ages ago but I've searched all the main kitmakers threads and can't find it now. Can anyone help?
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    No response from Gamepad

    Thanks for taking the time to reply but unfortunately that hasn't helped. Anyone else got any ideas??
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    No response from Gamepad

    Can anyone help me. I've searched this forum already to see if anyone can solve my problem. I have tried MS Sidewinder and Logitech Wingman Gamepads and a Saitek Cyborg Joystick all of which show up in Control Panel as OK and even allow me to test calibration so I assume no driver problems...