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    PES 2014 - First Details

    According to a new preview on the game looks terrible: "De rest van de game is in deze fase echt heel erg lelijk. Spelers ogen kartelig en ruw, animaties lijken niet te worden afgemaakt en bij een corner moet je je hart vasthouden in afwachting of de framerate het haalt. Het is...
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    WC Matchday 8: [GER v SRB] + [SVN v USA] + [ENG v ALG]

    Still predicting a 2-0 win for Germany :)
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    Fifa09 Pc Version Gameplay Video

    That's 360,.. not PC.
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    PES 2009 licenses: what do you think?

    And according to the Leipzig build (70%) the Spanish league is unlicensed and has fake names.
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    PES 2009 licenses: what do you think?

    PESGAMING: Konami and the Champions League licence Posted by Peter Willis in PES 2009 News on Sat 05 Jul 2008 So, as I have already made perfectly clear… PESGaming does not report rumour. I hate them, I always have. That said, I did briefly mention something which has been circulating of...
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    PES 2009 licenses: what do you think?

    That's what I read as well. Furthermore they stated that PES2009 will feature a lot more stadiums and some of them are PES exclusive. Ps. Messi will be on the PES2009 cover (source is
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    FIFA 09 Screenshots Thread

    The 1st gameplay video!!
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    12 scans Fifa 2009 (PC is current gen, with better graphics!)

    Here are 12 scans from Fifa 2009: I'll translate the new features Fifabenelux names: The game is slower then Euro 2008 New tactic system with more then 50.000 possibilties AI players aren't better when they have the ball comparing to...
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    ***Group C [GROUP OF DEATH] - Italy vs Netherlands [P + R]

    That was .... awesome!!! The last time we played this well must have been the 6-1 in the Q final of Euro 2000 against Serbia. But still.. No team can keep this up for 6 games and we will have an offday! But it's a great start none the less!
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    ***Group C [GROUP OF DEATH] - Italy vs Netherlands [P + R]

    The dutch may have the best forwards of the tournament and the Italian have the best defence... It will be a thrilling match! My best guess is 1-1.
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    First Hands-on preview Fifa 09

    Me neither... The full list mentioned earlier in this topic sounds more like a wish list though :)
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    First Hands-on preview Fifa 09 EA Sports allowed the international assemblage of game journalists extensive hands-on time with the upcoming new version of FIFA 2009. Here's what we saw in this impressive demonstration: Considerable gameplay...
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    I remembered why I registered here.

    I have no idea why I registered! I was 17 at the time :)
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    No Fifa09 for PC?

    The main reasons not to release Madden on the PC will probably be the facts that Madden is mainly handled with the analog stick and that the engine made for the next-gen consoles is not suitable for the PC. Fifa has the exact same problems so it woudn't surprise me at all if EA would skip...
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    No Fifa09 for PC?

    EA stated that there won't be a Madden09 on the PC! "Moore goes on to say that Madden isn't the only PC effort being scrapped, but lines the whole thing with a bit of spun silver, writing that "We do have ideas for how to revitalize the PC for sports games and the types of games that are...
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    PSP? Even the SNES had better graphics then is: Serious... the game looks worse then Euro 2004...
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    Yes!! All UEFA matches (Champions League, UEFA Cup, Euro 2008, Euro / WC Qualification) are lead by a European ref. The refs for Euro 2008 are: Plautz (Austria), Herbert Fandel (Germany), Webb (England), Kyros Vassaras (Greece), Roberto Rosetti (Italy), Pieter Vink (Holland), Manuel Mejuto...
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    And the ref is a chinese guy called Jin Wang... It's EURO 2008, not Asia 2008..... Epic fail.
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    This one works for me too :) Thanks!
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    The FTP is empty... Screenshot?