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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    It would be handy for editing your pro outside of the EA website. However I was more wondering if it was possible to use the created files to make players who currently do not have a proper face, Like Luis Suarez or the terrible Lucas Leiva.
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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    Here is a zip with all the files that were created and put into the folder during creation. The only thing I removed was the log file just in case it had any identifiable information on there and I really would rather not have that around on the internet...
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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    This is the gameface 3D render of him... not too bad actually
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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    Fair enough. Using the photo from this address - I created a Luis Suarez (something FIFA 12 needs I might add) This is the file created from the gameface From what I have seen from other face makers threads...
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    AI/CPU slider customization

    I also have had several major injuries, especially to my pro in 2 saves. Not sure if it is linked. Glad someone posted having difficulty with pro mode, thought I might just suck that bad. I have adjusted the settings similar to what you did. My biggest problem is I have 3 players tackle the...
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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    Hello everyone. This isn't a question about EA's gameface. Well it sort of is, this year it seems the gameface program is a lot better then last years (at least for me it was). I hadn't seen anyone else post about this so I figured I would bring it up. (It is has, I apologize, please ignore...
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    messi in real ????

    I had the same happen with Pepe Reina for Liverpool in the first season. Its frustration because it appears there is no way to convince the player to stay.
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    Liverpool FC

    Check the schedule, we play Tottenham again next week in the Carling Cup. Hopefully we get the chance to shut up some spurs fans.
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    players who crowd chants their name

    Robbie Keane (Liverpool) They Chant 'Keano.... Keano' I would love to add the Torres chant to the game.
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    Liverpool FC

    Keane is looking doubtful for the Chelsea clash... by the way. Source :
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    Liverpool FC

    Is it more or since we lost Crouchie, excluding Torres, we really do not have any class strikers. Chelsea game should be an interesting one. Glad theres a brit pub in Columbia, SC i can watch it at. You'll never walk alone.
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    Idea for mod/tool for fifa 09

    Hello Guys. This is my 80 odd something post and my first thread. This should be implemented into future fifa titles or the idea is open to one of you very talented mod makers out there. Since the kit template this year is 2D and very simple, what is stopping us make a tool that can makes...
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    Injuries fix

    May sound weird but i wish my players got injured more. Think i have injured like 5-6 other players on other squads but not even a tickle on my own team.
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    Another FIFA disaster soccer game :rofl:

    Im gonna have to half agree with most the issues you addressed. EA need to strip down the current AI engine and start from the ground up. Watch a few football matches from across the globe and you'll see that every style of the beautiful game is noting like FIFA games. But then again EA...
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    Some suggestions to EA Sports

    Id be happy if we finally had a realistic goalkeeper, not a blind retarded one. A few things i would like to see - For the lower division matches, why does the crowd sound the same as the big major matches? That kinda ruins the atmosphere for me. Id love to take a club from a few hundred...
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    FIFA 09 Demo for PC is here!

    HA HA! Not been on here since fifa 07. Any who the demo for me is ok. I get a lot of bugs and random crashes. Controls are weird. I am still working with the keyboard mouse combo. The teams, nice and all but i don't ever remember Liverpool being in a demo, which would be nice. (Yeah yeah i...
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    To all the people that are complaining about Fifa

    Hey this topic went totally off topic :) I have to agree with the original poster, even though i take great joy in reading peoples complaints with FIFA 08, i have to say 90% of them are valid, apart from the Opposition GK being too hard, i think its perfect, now i dont expect to score every...
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    Ideas for Gameplay Patch!!!

    Id like to see my team have the same AI as the opposition, with team mates that like to go for the ball instead of walking away. Id like to the the opposition back off a little bit instead of being on top of me and tackling me without any effort. Id like for there to be a way to turn off the...
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    Heh @last comment, good thing about 08 is that you can alt-f4 it, couldnt do that in 07... and yes, its probably 50% more frustrating. Im probably gonna uninstall it soon and wait for call of duty 4. Coz this installment sucks
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    Heh, pardon my swearing, but one thing that bugs the **** out of me for both 07 and 08 is the CPU on your team backs off an on-coming attacker 90% of the time, letting him come through on goal, Yes when your on the attack, 3-4 of they're defenders quickly close you down, another thing that...