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    HBZ released the BETA V5 which has the kits for all most all countries i ve decided to drop realsing those kits because HBZ released the mod that has those KITS and his kits have better quality.
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    Tatto by Juan Carlos
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    [Release] FIFA 23 Theme + Official Soundtrack For FIFA 14

    YAH db has problem because i managed to continue my career with your theme
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    Donapeace World Cup 2022 boots
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    Hey guys ... i will upload the link after Manchester city game ...:Shifty:!!! all credits to @patzor
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    the kits required a lot of space . it is taking time for me to arrange and even uploading kits in my mediafire as soon as i am done i will provide a link
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    some of national kits for fifa 14
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    New Boots

    i am using HBZ mod yes the are compitable, thats why on that boots files i included FIP files previews
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    boots for fifa 14 adidas f50 and predator for 2022 world cup
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    boots for fifa 14

    puma ultra ultimate for fifa 14
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    New Boots

    puma ultra ultimate for fifa 14
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    Ake updated face

    thank you mate ...i will ask admins with that !!!!thank you mate
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    Ake updated face
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    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    hello @King AJ can you please make Josh Wilson-Esbrand face from manchester city and Samuel Edozie even Romeo Lavia from Southamption
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    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    updated Ake face and hairstyle coming soon
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    Carlos grealish new updated face and hairstyle*_grealish
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    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    Carlos Grealish face
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    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    Mate can you plz update Carlos Grealish hair
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    FIFAMoro: Kits, Adboards, Boots, Kit numbers, Logos, Tools and more...

    @fifamaro can you plz make vision of Carlos grealish ..the same hairstyle as here in fifa 16 to fifa 14