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    Portuguese SuperLiga Week 5...

    Belenenses - Boavista X ... 0-0 Académica - Nacional 2 ... 0-1 SC Braga - FC Porto 2 ... 0-1 Naval - Beira-Mar 2 ... 0-1 Sporting CP - U.Leiria 1 ... 2-0 Maritimo - E.Amadora X ... 1-1 V.Setubal - P.Ferreira 1 ... 1-0 SL Benfica - Aves 1 ... 2-0
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    Portuguese SuperLiga Week 4...

    U.Leiria - Maritimo X ... 0-0 FC Porto - Beira-Mar 1 ... 2-1 P.Ferreira - SL Benfica 2 ... 0-2 E.Amadora - SC Braga 2 ... 1-3 Aves - Sporting CP 2 ... 0-1 Nacional - V.Setubal 1 ... 1-0 Boavista - Académica 1 ... 2-0 Belenenses - Naval 1 ... 2-0
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    a friend bought the new book "Sporting 50 anos a rugir na Europa" and i scanned it and thats it. the smallest book ever :funny:
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    Galatasaray or Fenerbahce (The biggest debate of Turkish Football)

    i think Fenerbahçe could be stronger now but Galatasaray as more prestige because they won the uefa cup and had decent CL campaigns. a thing where Fenerbahçe always disapoint in the recent years.
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    UCL Group F: FC Copenhagen x SL Benfica [P+R]

    our display tonight is a complete shame, SHAME!. the defence holding a 0-0 when we could have won this confortably. i almost desired a Copenhagen goal really and it would be so fair. i'm so angry! Fernando Santos out now.
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    UCL Group F: FC Copenhagen x SL Benfica [P+R]

    honestly i'm not to confident. and i'm usually very optimistic :rolleyes:
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    UCL Group F: FC Copenhagen x SL Benfica [P+R] gives the game live for 4.99€ :ewan:
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    UCL Group F: FC Copenhagen x SL Benfica [P+R]

    vs at Parken Stadium Probable teams København: Jesper Christiansen; Lars Jacobsen, Brede Hangeland, Michael Gravgaard, André Bergdølmo; Michael Silberbauer, Tobias Linderoth, Hjalte Nørregaard, Atiba Hutchinson; Jesper Gronkjær, Fredrik Berglund. Benfica: Quim; Alcides, Luisão...
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    Group B: Sporting Lisbon vs Inter Milan [P+R]

    what a victory for Sporting and with an outstanding goal! Miguel Veloso was the player that surprised me more. what a game. congratulations (Y)
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    Portuguese SuperLiga Week 3...

    V.Setubal - Boavista 2 ... 1-3 SL Benfica - Nacional 1 ... 1-0 Académica - Belenenses 2 ... 1-2 Naval - FC Porto 2 ... 0-2 SC Braga - U.Leiria 1 ... 3-1 Beira-Mar - E.Amadora 1 ... 2-1 Sporting CP - P.Ferreira 1 ... 2-0 Maritimo - Aves X ... 1-1
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    Hinckley United defender dies

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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    embaressment... shame... Boavista totally owned us. what is happening with some players like Nélson or Anderson? even Luisão and Léo were terrible. why the team always seems totally wrecked physically and we are in the beginning of the season? what is happening in that lockeroom? the players...
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    "Caso Mateus"

    now it's a problem of Gil Vicente. the important is that the competitions will return to normal.
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    "Caso Mateus"

    O Tribunal Administrativo e Fiscal de Lisboa decidiu hoje indeferir o pedido do Gil Vicente para anular a declaração de interesse público, pelo que o Belenenses irá jogar frente aos sadinos, enquanto os gilistas vão defrontar o Feirense, na Liga de Honra finally
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    try Boavista official site
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    U21 Euro2007 qualifying playoff draw (R)

    wins against Latvia and Poland. both 2-0
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    U21 Euro2007 qualifying playoff draw (R)

    the games: Serbia v Sweden Czech Rep v Bosnia Russia v Portugal France v Israel England v Germany Italy v Spain Belgium v Bulgaria the 7 winners join the hosts Holland in the final tournament.
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    new UEFA member?

    Gibraltar is a British overseas territory. It is located on the south of the Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar which links the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. wikipedia rules :chew:
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    "Caso Mateus" OMG :rolleyes:
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    Euro 08 Qualifying - The long road to Austria and Switzerland

    all yesterday results: Group A Azerbaijan 1-1 Kazakhstan Armenia 0-1 Belgium Finland 1-1 Portugal Poland 1-1 Serbia Group B Ukraine 3-2 Georgia Lithuania 1-2 Scotland France 3-1 Italy Group C Norway 2-0 Moldova Turkey 2-0 Malta Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-3 Hungary Group D...