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    FIFA 13 demo with all teams?

    Have anybody tried to put FIFA 13 full game files to FIFA 13 demo folder? It worked pretty well 11 and 12.
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    FIFA 11/12 celebrations is it possible to import FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 celebrations into FIFA 11/12? These are so awesome celebrations..
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    FIFA 12 2min half time

    Is it possible? Mby with some patch or mod?
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    For example I play for Hertha. Berlin Olimpicstadium is overcrowded all the time. BUT IN REAL LIFE ITS HALF EMPTY. How can I make it half empty or even less when Hertha is playing at home? I need to remove mojority fans from the stadium. Is it possible to do with CM 12 somehow?
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    FIFA 12 stuck problem!

    So guys I have a serious problem. I had previously original FIFA 12, downloaded from EA Origin. Now I sold it coz I needed money quickly. I installed FIFA 12 pirated version. And it stucks on the first screen, where FIFA 12 is written and doesnt go forward. Made FIFA reinstall few times, deleted...
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    Buying FIFA 12 origin user PAYPAL

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    Adding kits to FIFA 12

    Hi guys, Is here any tutorial which explanes how to import custom kits into FIFA 12? For example for to import this nice Slovenia kit? Thanks in advance!
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    i68 probleem! NEED HELP FAST

    Im trying to install Doctor+ optimizer but there is one problem. I click install, everything seems to be OK, but in i68 it installs to FIFA 11 folder, although this optimizer is for FIFA 12. I have tried to install another mods from doctor+, but the same ****. Please need HELP FAST!