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    The Season so far...

    Well how are you all doing? I suppose I'll moan here since toma English hockey MA (Master Ass) has banned me from moaning on the official forums regarding my team's terrible luck. I've outplayed about six of the teams in my 11 matches this season and only have three draws to show for it. How...
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    Active Count

    Post what country you come from here please to see who is still active in these forums and what league you play in...I've got a feeling it will be just England, Canada and Australia Anyway, England here but really a Scot ;) P.S. I'm sure you've heard some rumours - yeah right - about me in...
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    Round 7

    1-5 away win to 6th place which leaves me 5 points behind mike's team at the top.
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    Kris Boyd

    Kilmarnock 4 - 1 Dundee United Kris Boyd has scored all four and it's not even half time!
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    Round 4

    I won 1-6 against Accrington City despite a sending off in the 10th minute. Missed and scored a penalty so from my last two matches I've won two in a row with 18 goals for and 1 against.
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    I don't know if you guys know, but Pauly was banned for buying a Swedish 9 ball striker for 1.5 million...a very good one at that. What's the problem, you ask? Well since he is 27, some random Swedish user claimed that Pauly was cheating because the guy was so old and because the retirement...
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    Raise the bar...

    Ok guys, it's time we start to actually create intellectual topics from many many months (maybe even a year) ago. This is fastly becoming a baron wasteland with repetitive topics. So let's get the ball rolling...what do you think of Private cups? Have they been a good inclusion to MZ? I...
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    National Managers

    Vote Grosbeak_mechanics for England coach! lol nah this is really a disucssion about national managers. Thoughts/Views/Predictions here. Steve will most likely win due to his record over the past season but I've got a feeling under this new sim a lot of teams will be catching up. Blade has...
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    Round 1

    Come on, I haven't played my match and still there are no posts here! I have Stourbank Athletic at home, who just got pipped from promotion by gn's Real Ginge last season. I don't expect promotion to division 1 with my form but a respectable top 4 finish would make me happy :)
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    Round 14...

    well...I thrashed Dynamo Ducks (can't remember score - 9-3 possibly) and finish third in my first SSL season :D
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    Halo 2

    Potential Spoiler 1. 343 Guilty Spark - Notorious bad Halo AI (3+4=7 , 4+3=7 - 77) 2. Point Number 2 Contact Address contains '777' 3. There are 77 days between 24th August (The day the countdown ends) and November 9th (Supposed Halo 2 release date) 4. 9/11/04 (DD:MM:YY format) -...
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    Round 11

    I have The Hurricanes away...with my low form I'm not expecting anything but a big loss. :(
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    Round 11

    Come on you shy people...we need some topics! I'm playing bottom of the league at home so I'm expecting a nice victory...we'll see...who are you playing/how did you do?
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    Round 10

    Annoyed as I put in a lot of effort against Bromley and ended up losing the lead late so it was a 2-2 draw. Still, my low form combined with there 3 league wins in a row actually shows to be a good result.
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    Round 10

    ...Well I have a real problem. Playing Danny United who I need to beat to stand a chance of staying up. Problem is Nandy Scully is that means I'll have to draft 19 year old Osborn Hagen into defence. Has 8 in tackling (not maxed) and 4 in speed but only has 1 stamina
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    Round 9

    4-9 away win to Edinburgh Ice Bears. That means I am now 8 points clear of relegation and third in the SSL.
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    Round 8

    Gues I'll start...0-4 against Real Ginge...defence mucked up...striker missed an open net at 0-1...form just has too much bloody influence. I've been trying for 10 weeks to get it up and it's still at 5.7. My defenders and keeper all have 4 and my top striker has 2 in form. :( I'm going to get...
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    The time has come...

    ...I need tactical help :( I have a feeling my form is contributing to my terrible losses but still...I'd like to make the most of my players.
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    Round 7

    Well I managed to just about equal Guildford's performance today and won 2-1. I must say, my number 4 Pearce Ward was the only player who could power his way through them all. He destroyed the whole Guildford attack/defence when he was on the ice. EDIT: In actual fact it was 24-18 shots in my...
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    Warringah Wizards...

    Okay, dragons1111 is basically bragging in the MZ Hockey forums regarding his number 1 spot. He is so cocky that he said that the first 15 teams that beat him get to join a FL with him paying for it! I had a spare challenge voucher lying around, so I decided to try my luck. Now since it only...