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    lost use of shortcut keys?

    probably an easy fix, so i figured id come here and ask.. lost use of shortcut keys, ie control c - copy and control v - paste, when i press these nothing happens now, or if a c, or v will be typed >.< cant seem to locate the problem to fix it, so cheers in advance guys :)
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    Buying New Computer, Best Prices?

    G'day guys, im buying a new computer, have shopped around a little online, and i think these are the best prices i can find, mainly from MSY, are there any better prices i can come across? or is there anything you can suggest i dont get, or something that i would be better off with, Cheers...
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    Happy New Year ...!!!

    happy 2006 ahead hopefully. :D:D:D :ewan:
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    R.I.P George Best

    rip ... :(
  5. M ??

    anyone here play?? i just started, usually play texas hold-em with my mates weekly, this i great practice, and a bit of fun in process. my names Muttle on there ;) free download and free play.
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    Football Logo/Badge Request.

    hello people ;D long time playing online manager game at and playing without a club logo / badge so this is where i call upon you godlike experts to assist me :D anyway. my team is named " Mini Inamotos " << so obviously thats required on the badge / logo. ok.. so...
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    Taste Of Chaos Tour!!!

    OMFGGGG they are coming to melbourne, OMFGGGGG The Used, Funeral For A Friend, Story Of The Year, Rise Against, Killswitch Engage. Holy F*CK . This will be the night of my life, octoboer 28, ticket 9am, 27th May. Im commiting suicide if i dont get a ticket, so if you dont see me after...
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    Very Tight FL

    well fater just edging out beerdrinkers 2-1 last night, i am now top :D ... 4 games to be played, think i can pull it off, just need some big wins to keep my gd higher than the other 2. i have 1 iffy game coming up against schumacher 007, who are in the uruguain << spelling premier league...
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    hi, ive always been puzzled on coaches, not sure whether im paying the right amount or are they worth having ect. ok im planning to scrap my youths in 2 seasons time. once my 9 ball shooters become seniors. anyway, ive got these 5 coaches, also planning to scrap them all because i think im...
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    Strange Sig Request

    ok guys, its for another forum, but i came here to get my sig caus you guys **************** all over the others when it comes to style (H) anyway, its a forum for an online game i play, maplestory, ok its a little childish game, but heck im addicted :D anyway i dont really know the size...
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    Round 6...

    well :D ... im now on top of my division, 3 teams locked at 15 points... my gd is 15 better than the rest.. woot... >=) see you aussies in div 2 next season, at last ;p .. although im not counting my chickens to soon.
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    Round Five.

    wah. it was a few days ago, but meh ... lol i beat the top side 4-1 moves me into 2nd, i have strong belief i will finish top :) .. and move into div 2 lol
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    Mishkin ....

    Hello :D look what i stumbled upon >=D
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    Watcha Watchin?

    Same as watcha listenin to thread, but this time what are you watching? im watching Michael Carlos*sons Billie Jean video from the 30th Aniversary. some people may not have tv in same room as there comp, or some people may not be capable of watching tv and computing at same time, so i...
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    Show Off Your MP3 List!!

    yes ok, i know somewhere there is another thread on this, but hasnt been updated for ages, so heres the chance to start over and show us your mp3 lists. 1. 36 Crazyfists - An Agreement Called Forever (3:22) 2. 36 Crazyfists - At the End of August (3:57) 3. 36 Crazyfists - Bloodwork (3:19)...
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    New League!! Round 1.

    well how does your new league shape up? how do you think you will go? well i better win the league and not lose a single game throughout, i deserve to win the league :( stuck in div 3 grrr :( anyway first game is ina few hours against the team i played last match of previous season in...
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    Tattoo's ??

    Hey, I just got a tattoo :D anyone else got any? why did you get them? where? what do they mean? and anyone got pictures of theres? :D this pic was taken 3 hours after i just got it done, it hurt a little when getting it done, not enough to make my eyes water, but i was shaking caus i was...
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    New Mods In Managerzone Forum.

    well the 3 current mods have not been seen in the mz forum for months. bluecoasters last post anywhere was 3 months ago. ash's was a month ago, he has just quit managerzone aswel so dont see him making a return. and rami hasnt been in the forum for ages either. just my opinion, some...
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    Where Should I Train Him?

    not maxed in anything, should i start training him in tackleing? or get passing to 5 aswel? thanks in advance for your replys ... if i get any :p edit: id better add the picture :$
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    League Round Whatever Is.

    not even a league thread this week ... :kader: well i wont be going newhere, looks like ill finish an unlucky second once again :( anyway just like to say ... 3 of our members are in the top 10 :rockman: congrats :)