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    Val's Road to the World Cup 2018 patch

    BETA VERSION CONTENTS: UEFA : All 55 UEFA National Teams CONMEBOL : All 10 South America National Teams CAF: 30 National Teams which are Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Togo, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, DR Congo, Congo rep., Uganda, Guinea Bissau, Angola...
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    Val's Stadiums 16

    I want to start converting stadiums for fifa 16, the only thing I ask are the following: I need a complete tutorial from A to Z with the steps and tools/plugins needed to: 1. convert pes 6 models to fifa 16 models 2. add the crowds to the models Here's my to do list for now...
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    Stadiums from 16 to 14

    I open a thread to ask someone to help converting crowds from fifa 16 stadiums to fifa14 and make them available. I know that following stadiums are needed: England - Hillsborough - Sheffield Wednesday England - City Ground - Nottingham Forest Italy - Renato DallAra - bologna FC...
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    Complete Stadiums Collection

    In this post I plan to make it easier for everyone to find a stadium and got it. Respect the credits to all the makers, the way is not to publish them as my work but to put them all at the same place for every one over there. I'm also adding stadiums made for fifa 15/16 but with the crowds...
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    UEFA CL & Europa League Patch

    Hi all, I have the plan to make a patch regarding UEFA clubs competitions. I plan to add teams from others countries that could be added to ROW league, and linked only to UEFA CL & Europa League tournaments. Can someone help me or confirm me these functions? As it is not possible to...