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    'We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone'

    When you go to a restaurant & read this sign inside of it, I find this sign as poo ! :nape:
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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance This game looks promising. I might get one of this soon.
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    Netherlands & Luxembourg...

    I can't tell the difference of these. :( V.S.
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    Is money really everything ?

    For me: Relationship > Money Discuss.
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    UCL 1/4-Finals (2nd leg) Villarreal vs Inter Milan [P & R]

    VS. 'Unique' Villarreal worry Mancini Monday, 3 April 2006 by Graham Hunter from Villarreal According to the coaches of Villarreal CF and FC Internazionale Milano, the first team to make a mistake will be the one that exits the UEFA Champions League on Matchday 10. Close contest...
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    UCL (1st leg) Inter Milan vs. Villarreal [P & R]

    VS 29 March 2006 20:45 (CET) - Giuseppe Meazza - Milan Disciplinary situation for Wednesday evening's Champions League quarter-final first leg between Inter and Villarreal: Inter Milan Disqualified: - Cautioned: Cruz, Pizarro Villarreal Disqualified: Arruabarrena, Josico...
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    CL (2nd Leg) Inter Milan vs Ajax Amsterdam [P & R]

    Time to settle up for Inter players into the next important match this coming Tuesday. Inter were held 2-2 at Amsterdam ArenA in the 1st leg. Inter will have their home adavantage with the home crowd coming back at Giuseppe Meazza, Milan. Forza Inter !
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    Tourist Trophy (PS2)

    The new simulation racing bike is coming to PS2 ! Polyphony Digital (Y) release: April 4th in North America. :) I'm off the MotoGP4
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    Inter Milan vs. Juventus [P] & [R]

    Big match for Italian fans and others. I'm losing my energy to see this one. Juve already win their scudetto. my prediction: 0-0.
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    Ok, no big deal for me. I'm just curious that in my profile, I've been gaining 1 referral. Can it be revealed whom ?
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    Olympics Games (Winter/Summer)

    Are any these games good ? Winter Olympics. Torino 2006. It's on today's released (January 24th) Summer Olympics. Athens 2004.
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    Play-off: Spain vs. Slovakia [P & R]/1st leg

    Saturday 12 November 2005, 22:00 (local time) Vicente Calderon Stadium, Madrid (capacity: 56,163) I'm looking forward to see this match. A balance match, nonetheless. never underestimate Slovakia. They are one team that can turn the result around.
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    Upgrading PS2 ??

    To any PS2 owners: I've seen it through ebay when I do the finding for PES 5. It says if the PS2 can be upgraded, I could play a PES5 due to a heavy demand in North America. Does it mean I have to put a modchip into a PS2 in order to play PES5 ? Or Sony corporation recognize the upgrading...
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    Favorite Fruits

    I love Durian ! The taste & the smell. *yummy* :p
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    Ireland vs. Switzerland [P] & [R]

    Crucial match by 2 teams. :) Should be a great match, following France will likely to win the last match easily against Cyprus. My prediction: Ireland 1 - 0 Switzerland
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    Memory card-GBA SP ?

    Does anyone know if Nintendo release memory cards (4MB/8MB) for GBA SP ? Are those accessories officially released from Nintendo ? Any GBA SP gamers here ? I need help since one of my game Castlevania:Aria of Sorrow data are lost everytime I switch back on to resume my game. I ask the...
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    [R]evolution Top Rated European National Teams (WE8/PES4)

    I edited all the current top players from top rated NT's (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, & the Netherlands) in Europe. I intended on purpose to see whether there are any differences gameplay in 4 stars level difficulty and/or above. I recruited 99% players from low rated European...
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    2D Action Game (PS2)

    Does anyone know the best 2D Action game for PS 2 ? I'm dying to get some more. I bought the Metal Slug 3 (PS2) for 2D Action game. It's a great game nonetheless. :) Anyone can suggest me the best games for 2D Action games for PS2 ?
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    Classic National Teams - useless

    Despite the fact a very low number feature of national teams in WE series, I still play this game very often with my co-workers. But, honestly, I really hate to play with classic national teams, they are useless in terms of playing with them in friendly match. Bah ! they are also hard to be...
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    An Italian person went to Malta (Funny)

    Listen to this one. Make sure you have Real One Player to listen to this Italian person. It's funny. :D LOL !! Hahaha..