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    Motherwell 1-1 Aberdeen

    mcdonald sent off for celebrating, terrible stuff lads :coffe-anim:
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    Stirling Albion 2-2 Ayr United

    v Stirling fought back from two goals down for a 2-2 draw with Ayr United. Ayr striker Bryan Prunty beat three defenders and smashed a powerful drive past Myles Hogarth after nine minutes. Two minutes later Prunty again ran into the box and played a neat one-two before curling the...
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    George v Scot

    Doh, a deer... a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun. ME! a name, i call myself. fa, a long long way to run soooo a needle pullin thread, la a note that follows so... T a drink with jam and bread that willll take us BACK to dooohh ooh ooh oohhhh
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    Scotland v Lithuania

    we will win because we will score the most goals
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    damn those glazers!

    DAMN YOU! damn those damn rattlesnakes!! it's all gone a bit quiet now eh?? not hating malcolm glazer anymore?? Does anyone still support FC united of manchester?? feckin mancs... for all the bitching you did. the italian police should have finnished you off. you make me sick.
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    Darren Mackie - Goal of the last 3 century's

    Not since Phillip Adams scored THAT goal in 1746 has such an effort been scored. Messi and Maradonna were facing the goal when they scored their famous goals. Darren Mackie went one better and scored with his back turned.
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    hoo is ur favrit playur

    i like WILLIAM GALLAS because of his face
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    what the hell

    this game is so stupid. what is the point in it? they have made it stupidenously hard. only an absolute nerd could get success on this game. it seems that if you want to do well with your team you need to spend about an hour of preperation on your team before each game... who the fook has...
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    Ukraine v Scotland [den shags kids+R]

    Got a manky feelin about this one. I can actually see us being hammered back down to earth with a 3-0 loss!!! What a positive chap I am. Think we're linin up 5-3-2 with flying full backs! Gordon Neilson - Caldwellinho - Weir - Elvis - Alexander (the great!) Hartley - Fudd - Fletch...
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    smooth moves

    Lets discuss some of the smooth moves we have down while gettin boozy in town. Last night when my condition could be described as "super cut" I decided to get some food and at that time the only thing to be eatin was chips, cheese and curry sauce!! When I finnished it, I was on top of the...
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    no wonder everyone else in britain hates you

    its ecuador v costa rica and they are showing highlights of how england won the world cup FORTY years ago!!!!!!!! get over it! i bet the french dont go on about how the convincingly won it with a 3-0 win a few years ago as much as you go on about a controversial win 40 years ago when the ball...
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    ok go dance

    i'm not ashamed to admit i was doin the dance in town when i was out of my face wrecked last night. does anyone know where i could download the video to that ok go song a million ways to be cruel??
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    the world cup hardon thread

    i've got a massive hardon. i'm not even jokin. and its in anticipation of the world cup kickin off in just over an hour. my nation didnt even qualify yet i have a hardon. lets all nazi salute to show our appreciation for the world cup, imagine a world withou the world cup. \o
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    Kenny! Johnny! Mitch! NICKY!! MIKEY!!!

    AND WE ARE....The Spirit Squad (H) these guys are legends. and all but set to take over the world. whats your thoughts?
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    Booker T - 5 time WCW champion

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    St Patricks day

    YES! It's finally arrived!! I guarentee I will drink the most Guinness tonight!
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    Boro fans attacked in Rome

    English fans are stabbed in Rome Three Middlesbrough fans have been stabbed ahead of the club's Uefa Cup clash against AS Roma in the Italian capital, police have confirmed. Cleveland Police said the attack came from an "organised gang of Italian thugs" who targeted two bars where the...
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    CL: Liverpool v Benfica (P+R)

    everyone else tried to make their thread look well ace. well fúck those fúckers. i'm makin this one look shíte \o i think pool will win 3-0zorz!
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    add neil - he is your friend \o
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    Rangers v Villareal

    Whats the predictions for this encounter? Other than Liverpool I never support the English teams in Europe so come on Villarreal!! My prediction is 1-0 to the mighty yellow submarine!