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    Installing GK kit?

    I try and install a goalkeeper kit with KR and I get the message "This kit is not in the game." Now, how do I make this work? Thanks. :$
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    [m3th0d's Portfolio]

    yup, it's my own sig thread. i wasn't going to but i couldn't resist... it seems making yer own sig thread is the trend around here nowadays. :) i'm free to all requests since i'm on break from college i have some time to kill. also, i've made some sigs for some ppl in the past and they...
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    i don't know what i did but some of my team are missing heads! did i install something wrong? these are all ppl with specific faces btw.. HELP!!
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    ref's collar geometry...

    is there any way i can change the collar geometry for the refs kits like all the others? sorry if it sounds like a stupid question but, I JUST GOT THIS GAME ALRIGHT. :)
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    Nice Tits :brow: :ewan:
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    Crime and Punishment in the Middle East

    okay this semester i'm taking middle east history and we have like this big in-class presentation that's coming up in a few days and my topic is "Discuss the Crime and Punishment in the 19th century Middle East. What punishment went with what crimes? Were the punishment more or less severe than...
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    any of you watch the super bowl halftime show performance w/ janet Carlos*son and justin timberlake? did you think justin ripping off janet Carlos*son's bra was all part of the show? LOL, think again!!,2933,110114,00.html according to JT, it was a...
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    mini pc's...

    have u guys seen those? mostly from shuttle... they're so dinky! are they the same performance wise as a regular sized pc? well i'm thinking of building a comp w/ a barebone system.. (this would be my second time) saw this on newegg and it looks arite...
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    windows hotfix wha?

    in my add or remove programs list i have a ****load of these "windows hotfix" queries and it's really buggin' cuz i don't know if it's all legit and it's makin' it look all cluttered. i was thinkin' about removing all of 'em.. would it be safe to? :confused:
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    animated gifs are not... animated?

    none of the smilies or animation works on this board.. EDIT: i just just went through some other sites and all the animations are dead frozen. what's the deal?
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    whats up with real sociedad?

    why are they sucking so much ass this year? last year they ended the season in 2nd place... THIS YEAR, they're near the bottom of the table. what's changed? sorry i don't really follow spanish football. ;)
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    i have a dilemma..

    not really, but um i have an issue..... i have about 5000+ songs/mp3s on my comp that i've collected over a period of maybe hmm.. 5 or 6 years. and i'm planning on re-formatting for the first time ever BUT i don't wanna lose all my songs. now, i was planning on buying an external hard drive...
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    barebone systems?

    where can i get good barebone systems at? i saw some good ones on eBay.. here: any suggestions? comments?
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    my new sig..

    hi, which one? my current one.. or this one:
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    wireless networking...

    i wanna setup a wireless network but i'm afraid it's gonna cost too much... i have two comps that are currently hooked up to my cable modem so how much would it cost to upgrade to wireless? i'm really on a tight budget right now so what i really need to know is: what do i need? a wireless...
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    thinkin' about buying a new comp.

    i'm thinkin' about gettin' a DELL..................... most ppl i talk to say DELL computers are really good. :confused: i've never bought a brand name computer before, i've always had my friend custom-build my comps... so i don't know what to buy. all i know is that hewlett packard's are...
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    satellite or cable?

    i have cable at the moment but i'm thinkin' of switching over to satellite, preferably Direct TV. you get more channels and it's a few bucks cheaper........... the only downside is that the satellite doesn't do to well in rough weather... but then again i live in sunny california so no worries...
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    what teh FACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dude i just tried to open up my nero cuz i need to burn a cd but i got this error message: help me please. :( facking piece of **** comp!!!!!
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    disabling onboard sound. help!

    i want to disable my onboard sound but i can't seem to find the right information on the net. i found my mobo information from the bootup screen but i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do now. i just recently bought a sound blaster live digital 5.1 and i installed it but only the front two...
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    can't burn 696MB onto a 700MB CD?!

    um, ok. i'm trying to burn a movie but i'm havin' some trouble b/c the file is 696MB which is lower than the capacity of the medium i'm trying to burn it on (700MB). what's the deal? :| it says i don't have enough space.. is there any way i can make this file a few MB smaller?