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    really weird goal i just scoared
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    kit request

    i couldnt find anything at the search option so i will do it this way, i would really like the 04/05 kits of betis sevilla, thnx in advance:mrpimp:
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    sky sports final skin

    i cant get this skin (found at to work, can someone help me, i dont get a error or someting, bu the loading wont end
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    Having trouble finding a club to start with? Have a look around in this thread!

    This topic is here to help FM players, that find it hard to choose a club. The idea is that people post info on the clubs they play with. Just like the players forum but for clubs instead. e.g name: Chelsea competition: Premiership country: England media prediction: title chasers...
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    i had 2 questions about stats... - is there a sort of stats topic here at sg where all stats or at least the certain ones are described and explained , it could be useful for some people e.g. myself:) - i have 2 strikers in my team, 1 is a goal getter, the other one also, but i feel it...
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    i just started a chelsea game, anyone has some decent tactis, for them? e.g how can i make robben en lampard have the same role as in real life?
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    i need a site

    where i can find fixtures, results and video higlights of all european competitions, does anyone knows a good one?
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    anyone has a good schedule?
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    Large or Huge

    am i missing that much more when i select the option large database instead of Huge? and what about the speed is it much different?
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    i was wondering

    can u give a curve to the ball (Draaibal) or is that done automaticly, and can u give me some shooting for distance adivse cus i suck in it
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    FM 2005 career topic

    in this thread u can talk about your career with your club club: season: Transfer: Achievements: other: ill start, club: AC Milan Season: 1st Transfers:in: Daniel de ridder 7.5 mil, Fred 5 mil, out: tomasson: 10,75 mil achievements: italian super cup
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    Ambrosini or Pirlo

    who shall i select besides Gattuso for my 1st milan squad ambrosini or pirlo?
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    hard choice

    i want to start a new career in france, i want to take a club that can end high in the league but i dont know which to choose, any advise?
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    shall i buy him? and how do i have to train him, i want the other stats higher too:)
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    what to do?

    every match i get loads of changes but none of them actuaclly goes in, please help im getting desperate
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    soccer pics

    i think this has been asked before sorry for that but whats a good site to find good soccer pics and stuff
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    transfer bug....

    i could be wrong, but this is what happened, transfer deadline passeD, (i m playin QPR) but is still got mails with teams who signed players, so i decided to take a look myself and bought paul ince while the deadline passed ( he plays in the same league), so the transfer was finished, but i...
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    club choice

    whats a cool club to manage, not to uber like arsenal, but with nice players ,
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    noob question

    what happens when i check full detail when i start a game,
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    yoow, can i please get a sig

    since u guys own everyone in this world, can u make a sig for me, from werder bremen here are some pics just make a selection out of it