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    Tired of your name?

    Do what this guy is doing :chew:
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    Woman Tore Off Ex-Lover's Testicle, Court told ____________________________________________________ A jilted woman today admitted ripping off her ex-lover’s testicle with her bare hands after he refused to have sex with her. Amanda Monti, 24, flew into a rage after her ex-boyfriend...
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    Are you a goth?

    Found this on another forum.. Not sure if it's serious but it's still funny. ---------- St. Mary's Church - Is your child a Goth? This was an actual letter sent out by the St. Mary's Church. If Your Child is a Gothic, Reform Through the Lord! Listed below are some warning signs to...
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    Who to buy with 160K pounds?

    I've just started a game with Leeds, and have a transfer budget of 160K pounds :( I have no idea who to buy.. Do any of you guys have any suggestions of decent players who are in my price range? Thanks
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    Maximum of 3 Non EU players?

    I have just started a new game managing Barcelona and I have been asked to submit the squad numbers for the season ahead. But when I am asked to confirm the numbers, it states that I may only have a 'Maximum of 3 Non EU players'.. I have 4 non EU players because I just bought Tevez.. But I...
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    How to change the default font and background?

    I was just wondering how do you change the default main font and background without completely skinning the interface? I have tried one method but it doesnt seem to work unless im doing something wrong.. I want to make the default main font 'Arial Narrow' and have a simple blue background...
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    What file extension are you? Sorry if this has been posted before, got kinda bored.. I'm..
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    Barclays Premiership Prediction League?

    Does anyone know what's happened to this? There was none on the last week of action and there doesn't seem to be one for this week either.. :confused:
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    Is This Kit real of fake?

    Just wondering if anyone can tell if this kit is real or fake? Thanks Auction found here:
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    Teen's dying wish for Cameron Diaz blow job not granted

    PHILADELPHIA, Monday: The parents of 15-year-old leukaemia patient Josh Morten, who last night passed away after a four year battle with the illness, said they were sorry not to have fulfilled his dying wish to get a blow job from Cameron Diaz. The courageous teenager told his family two...
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    Internet Explorer Problem

    Hey guys, I started up Internet Explorer earlier today (which starts up with SG as my home page) and as the page was loading I got the following error message: Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site http://www.socc............................ Operation Aborted. Then it just...
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    Round 9

    I wont 3-2 away, so I'm either 2nd or 3rd place at the moment.. Post your results here :)
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    Round 8 - Previews and Results

    Who are you guys playing this week? How do you expect you will perform? I'm playing the top placed team for the 2nd week in a row and it's not going to be easy.. I'm 2nd, but by losing tomorrow I'm going to throw the chances of promotion out the window.. Last week i lost 0-6, I just hope i fair...
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    Login Issue

    Recently I've been having a problem when logging in.. When ever I type my username and password it tells me that I have entered it incorrectly but then when I try a second time it seems to be working just fine.. It's not really a major issue, but does anyone know why it does this?:confused:
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    Annoying Toolbar

    I started up Internet Explorer and I found this random toolbar there :confused: Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks
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    Round 3

    Post your results and predictions here :) I'm playing 3rd from bottom, the match could go either way though..
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    Problem Saving Images

    Recently I've noticed that whenever I try to save an image from the internet of any extension (jpg, gif, png etc.) the computer will only let me save the image as a bmp file and gives the file the default 'untitled' name.. This has become very frustrating, especially when saving animated gif...
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    Sig Request

    Hey guys. I haven't requested a sig on these boards since I first registered so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me one? Just something with Frank Lampard would be great (you can add someone else if you want).. Anything would be greatly appreciated, and if it's too much to ask...
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    Round 10 Results

    How did you guys go?
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    Round 9 Results

    Since this round's league games begin within the next hour or so, I thought I'd start this thread up. Who are you guys playing? I'm playing the 2nd placed team who is only 1 point behind me so this is a must win game for me..