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    AC Milan Thread [2009/10]

    KEEPERS 1 - Dida 12 - Christian Abbiati 16 - Zeljko Kalac 30 - Marco Storari DEFENDERS 4 - Kakha Kaladze 13 - Alessandro Nesta 14 - Oguchi Onyewu 15 - Gianluca Zambrotta 18 - Marek Jankulovski 19 - Giuseppe Favalli 25 - Daniele Bonera 33 - Thiago Silva 36 - Matteo Darmian 44 - Massimo Oddo 77...
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    Gamepad controls help?

    Is there a way to assign controls to gamepad, cause in the game you're not allowed to change things, so i thought maybe some of you guys know which files should be changed to assign the through ball, sliding tackle etc to the gamepad. EDIT: I'm trying things out, if i figure out something...
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    Mouse + Keyboard Controls

    After at least 50 games trying to get accustomed to the new controls. I can only say: Wow! On a gamepad or keyboard the gameplay is pretty much the same as in previous versions (improved of course,but the same feeling is there when you're playing). But on the Mouse + Keyboard it's a whole new...
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    Ac Milan 2008/09 fonts (one time only please don't request)

    Cheers guys I made the new Ac Milan Font for the 2008-09 season. I've busted my balls with these so please don't request me to make any more fonts, please (sorry). Shorts: Download rar with .png files: (Edit: FINAL VERSION) Feel free to use them...
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    AC Milan Thread [2008/09]

    The thread for the season 2008/09 AC MILAN Associazione Calcio Milan - Founded on 16.12.1899 (il Diavolo, Rossonerri) Owner - Silvio Berlusconi Chairman - Adriano Galliani Home Ground - San Siro Capacity - 82,955 Turf dimensions - 105m x 68m Coach - Carlo Ancelotti Squad of 2008-09...
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    Controller color

    Has anyone noticed that you can't chose yellow color for a joystick only for keyboard, i played with keyboard for years and i simply can't get used to any other color, i was wandering is there any way to change that? Sorry for posting such a stupid question but it's been quietly eating me up...
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    i beg for a kaka face

    Please somebody make Kaka' the best player in the world, please! He's looking awful in fifa!
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    Curl the ball ingame?

    I try everything but still see no result, does anyone know to curl the shoot in game(not taking a freekick or a corner)?
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    Import faces with file master 07??

    is it possible to import faces in fifa 08 with file master 07? and if so to which zdata should i import faces to, and are the player id numbers the same? If anyone could help me i'd be very grateful! Thank you!
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    Font questions in either fifa 07 or 08

    i was just wandering is there a way to change the name font except changing it's color, i'm talking abou other fonts and maybe curling it more like it is on some kits, example man utd new kit, also the numbers seem a bit positioned too low in fifa 08 is there a way to change that? Thanks