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    The Rivalry that Baffles Football - Crystal Palace v. Brighton The Rivalry that Baffles Football The rivalry between Brighton and Crystal Palace was recently voted 10th in the 'Football Rivalries Report 2008'. It is one of the fiercest, most intense rivalries in football yet it is baffling for...
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    Championship Playoffs - Who's Going Up?

    I started this thread 4 years ago, and got slagged off, en route to a Palace Promition :innocent_smile_1: So who's going up this year? Palace (strangely enough) are the favourites at 2/1, which gives me confidence, but also makes me a bit nervoue that we'll **** it up like we did against...
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    The Adventures of Paul Robinson and his Amazing Invisible Horse

    Sorry that it's on another football site, but SG hasn't produced anything this quality in..probably ever! My favourites:
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    Rosicky v. "Rosidsky"

    Why do all commentators and pundits pronounce Tomas Rosicky's surname "ro-sid-ski"? Am i missing something about the Czech language where c's are pronounced like d's? Where is this S sound coming from?
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    Crystal Palace sign Benfica's Jose Fonte on loan

    Palace have loaned Benfica's Jose Fonte for the upcoming season. Alright Benfica fans...who the hell is Jose Fonte? I know his brother Rui is in Arsenal's academy, but i never heard of Jose.
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    Serie A on FSC Theme Music

    Anyone know the name of the theme song used for Italian Soccer on Fox Soccer Channel. The song in 3/4 time, kind of hard rock/metal sounding. I quite like it!
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    New York to London

    Got this as a MySpace bulletin, slightly modified. Go to Google Click on "Maps" Click on "Get Directions" Go from New York, New York to London, England Read step 23 For those of you who can't follow more than 2 steps at a time, you can click on the link below for a screenshot of...
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    15,000th Premier League goal scored by....

    Moritz Volz of Fulham, scoring the opener v. Chelsea! He's got a pretty funny website too...check it out
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Action Figure

    Oh no! He's hurt! :ewan:
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    Don't let C. Ronaldo win Player of the Tournament!

    Anyone else receive this email? Sign up now…. There is a very real danger that Cristiano Ronaldo will be voted the fans' best young player at the World Cup despite his pouting, diving, pretty boy antics designed mainly to get himself a lucrative transfer to Real Madrid and thus avoid the...
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    Crystal Palace sign David Beckham!

    FFS, he really does look like him! (that's Darren Ward, by the way. He cut his hair in the offseason, apprently in an effort to solidify his position as the "Pikey Beckham")
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    Google Images World Cup Oddity

    Just noticed this today :) 1) Go to 2) Click on "Preferences" 3) Turn off image filtering ("do not filter my search results"), and save your preferences 4) Search for 'World Cup' (without the quotation marks) 5) You'll see some results...whatever. Click on "Safe...
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    The Group G final match situation (potential drawing of lots!)

    France qualify with a win, and any winner in the SWI-KOR match. Switzerland and Korea both qualify with a France loss or draw. If Switzerland and Korea draw, it gets slightly complex. First of all, Switzerland's +2 goal difference would beat out Korea's +1, so Switzerland automatically...
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    Freddy Adu "definitely" going overseas

    I know it's obvious to everyone that Freedy Adu will end up playing in Europe. But today Adu confirmed on a US sports talk TV show that he will "definitely" be playing overseas, and he wants to move as soon as he is eligible. When asked if that meant "this season", he confirmed that it did...
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    The other end of the World Cup spectrum

    This is actually an article from last month, but i only just saw it now, and thought i'd share...,2144,1987737,00.html Originally a soccer celebration, like the World Cup is a festival where profits, fans and players go hand in hand; but a mini-Cup in...
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    Everton got ripped off!!

    Great job Palace...shipping off AJ's little brother for £8.6 million Alan Johnson, der der der der!
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    Rosicky to Arsenal

    Just confirmed on the bbc website. Great signing for Arsenal, and for the EPL. Great creative player (and i've got his Czech Republic shirt!) It's good that Arsenal are also finally surrounding all of that young talent with potential, with some established players as well (and not just...
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    Picture War!

    This was done on another forum, and turned out to be extremely funny (if you're clever enough, that is). The object of the game is to post a picture that would defeat the previous picture. For example, if someone posts a picture of a squirrel, you could post a picture of a dog (to chase it...
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    Rules for the World Cup

    Rules for the World Cup Extremely important advice and recommendations to be passed on to wives, girlfriends, fiancés, mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. (to all women in general) These rules are to be communicated prior to the World Cup in June/July this year... LIST OF RULES 1. From...
  20. P Kit Hall of Shame

    Anyone seen this? I've got this shirt! It's Crystal Palace Some of those shirts are absolutely horrendous...i want them! Colorado Caribou...WTF? At least the referee can always figure out if someone has been pulling the jersey...he'll find...