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    3D FIFA 11 (Hard to explain)

    I didnt really know anywhere to put this. So, I put it here, as I thought it wouldnt get dragged down the list of threads in to the abyss of no views. Pretty awesome stuff, just cross your eyes until the white dots meet and form a third image in the centre. Enjoy. (Y) 4QPmKbTNiiw
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    Not sure if anyone on here has heard of it, but its a great online mutliplayer arcade-like soccer game. Pretty fun, and once you get pretty good, you can score some awesome goals :D
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    **Mvanegmond04's Faces**

    Starting of with some mini-faces for the Newcastle Jets: Ruben Zadkovich Kasey Wehrman Jeremie Brockie Ben Kantarovski Chris Payne James Virgili Ali Abbas
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    **Mvanegmond04's Workshop**

    Upon learning that FIFA 12 will have the same templates, i decided to open a thread, and start up again. At the moment, i will be taking requests. My absolute main priority is making all the new kits for the Hyundai A-League. As they have only been released a short time ago, i doubt they will...
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    Do you guys want me to find what the kit and pant templates look like ?

    Do you guys want me to find what the kit and pant templates look like ? As once i have done downloading the demo, i shall use texmod to have a look ;) And once done, i shall post the results ;)
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    **Mvanegmond04's Faces**

    Hi, just would like to get suggestions for models of these players ? Shane Smeltz: Carlos Hernandez: Matt McKay: Jason Culina:
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    Importing Faces

    So the problem is when i import faces i just got. I had people like Hulk, Neymar, Higuain, Honda etc.. So when i import, i untick the generic face, then import the head and hair rx3's. Then all the textures, and is shows great in CM 11. But the generic is sitll in FIFA 11. What to do ??
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    **Mvanegmond04's Minikits**

    Hi, most of you might know me, i make kits and minikits, and dabble into logos. But i have started making FM11 minikits. I like to have the kits in the same design, not that ss stuff. Feedback would be much appreciated. So here we are..... Arsenal Home/Away: Chelsea Home: Fulham Home:
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    Scoreboard Abbreviations ?

    Could someone please list all the original Scoreboard name eg.. ARS, CHE Because i installed cjd17's EPL scoreboard and it changed the names, now i put in another scoreboard and the long name still appear, so what are the original ones ?? So i can change in CM 11
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    Adboard Help !

    I changed the id of the Arsenal adboards in CM11 and i imported some Arsenal adboards into the empty id. Then i ran the Regenerator and nothing changed, still the same old adboards. I even checked DBM 11 to make sure it changed the adboard id and it was all correct. So what is the problem ...
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    Hyundai A-League Transfers Update Patch

    This file includes the latest A-League Transfers for the 2011/2012 season. This is an editor file so it will have to be placed in - eg. (My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/editor data) If there is no editor data file, please make one Isaka Cernak (North Queensland Fury -->...
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    Position numbers for CM 11

    So, where you can change the positions of logo, numbers, names etc. what values represent what ? Like what numbers are for what positions ??
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    Best FIFA Soundtrack songs

    To be honest, i was amazed to find that this isn't a thread yet. And i think its a pretty good idea :33vff3o: I reckon that that the best soundtracks have been from 05'-10' Some of my faves : Bloc Party - Helicopter : FPt-UxU-Ycc The Caesers - Jerk It Out : pOWZAt6Gj3U Ram Di Dam -...
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    FIFA 11 Online Problem

    Ok, when i want to play online, about 80% of the time, once ive gone into a game, just before it loads the kick-off, it says "Connection with your opponent has been lost. The game session has ended" Ive looked at my internet connection. Fine. Changed from Ethernet to Wireless. Still did...
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    How to import 3072x3072 kits

    When i try to import 3072x3072 kits in Kit Manager, it says something along the line of - "Wrong size" And the 3072 kits are just so detailed. How to import ?
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    Possibly one of the worst tackles ever.

    This just happened in my countries league - The A-league This happened during the newest derby in the league, between Melbourne Victory and Melbourne Heart. The guy who commits the tackle, Kevin Muscat, is one of the most filthy and aggrieving players in the league. He is know for his...
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    Changing Boot names

    How would i go about changing a boots name in DBM11 as i cant find it ?? Or is there some other way/program to do it with ??
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    How to cancel a confirmed contract

    Well, about 4 months ago in my game, i signed a contract to join FC Utrecht from Newcastle Jets. But in that period that coach had a mass exodus of players and signed these real crap players on $20,000 contracts and a release fee of like $500,000. And in that period he manged to take out a 9mil...
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    The A-League

    Your one stop place for everything and anything about the A-league. Post rumors, signings, injury news, your tips for this weeks games and anything basically. For all i care you can post that your uncle's mom had a cat who was owned by Carlos Hernandez. Starting off : Francis Jeffers will not...
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    FIFA upload shaking

    When i choose to upload my goal to EASports site, when using the camera type "Orbit" it all ways shakes and stutters. My video card is a ATI Raedeon Mobility HD 4650, with latest drivers/updates. I cant find the ATI Catalyst centre or whatever it is to find my settings, and it lags when i use an...