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    Tell me what you think

    Some of my friends and I got together and put together a short film and submitted it to the YouTube competition. Take a look and let me know what you guys think.
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    ... is the illest rapper out there right now.
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    Freddy Adu says bye-bye to DC

    What the hell?!
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    Doesn't this make you go

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    Va. Delegate Accidentally Discharges Gun By Michael D. Shear Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, January 26, 2006; 1:42 PM RICHMOND, Jan. 26 -- A Virginia lawmaker accidentally discharged a handgun in his General Assembly office Thursday morning, firing a bullet into a bulletproof...
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    The moment we've all been waiting for...

    The season-premiere of 24! Only one hour to go, baby. Two hours tonight, two hours tomorrow-night.
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    Ariel Sharon Death Pool
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    ،اث بعزن

    ،اث بعزن
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    Top 10 albums of 2005

    1. DangerDoom - The Mouse and the Mask (2005) I listened to a lotta MF Doom stuff over the summer and immediately became a convert. He and Danger Mouse bring hip-hop to an innovative and new level. Who else would insert voices of characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force onto a hip-hop album? 2...
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    **** Nigel de Jong

    Right now, four of Ajax's players have decided to leave Ajax at the end of the season when their contract expires: Maxwell, Steven Pienaar, Hatem Trabelsi and Nigel de Jong. First off, I think the fact that they're leaving Amsterdam with no compensation to Ajax shows how inept the Ajax...
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    Dirk Kuyt - 160 Games in a Row

    He also has 69 goals in his last 99 games.
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    Touchdown Jesus

    Relevant article:
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    MLS needs to change [R]

    A team that was 13-13-6, 4th in the West, 8th overall and had a -1 GD in the regular season just won MLS Cup. I think there's no question MLS needs to implement some changes for next season. By the way, most boring MLS Cup game EVER? Someone take back Twellman's MVP title.
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    Holland vs. Italy [P+R]

    Useless friendly, but very interesting nonetheless. I think it will be a high-scoring match. Probably XI for Holland: Van der Sar; Kromkamp, Vlaar, Mathijsen en Van Bronckhorst; Landzaat, Cocu en Van der Vaart; Cairo, Kuijt en Van Persie Ruud returned home with an injury, Boulahrouz and...
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    The f*ck?!

    Got a PM today, opened it :|
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    Nice try, Arnesen...

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    Where you at?
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    Should oil rigs off the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia be opened?

    Virginia has like 12, however, we're currently beefing with Maryland over importation rights. Texas is trying to block North Carolina opening their rigs; they're upset as they have yet to see money from North Carolina in 50 years of oil transport. The North Carolina Lieutenant Governor...
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    Props to Scotland
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    Props to Spain,2763,1564269,00.html