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  1. gabelogan

    gabelogan's Graphics

    Adboards, banners, flags...everything. PACK 1; HUNGARY BANNER DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION: copy the banner folder here FIFA 15/data/sceneassets/ then regenerate! no requests at the moment
  2. gabelogan

    gabelogan's Minifaces

    MISSING MINIS PACK 1 DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION: rename the .png extensions to .dds, then copy the heads folder here FIFA 15/data/ui/ImgAssets/ no request at the moment :yoyo:
  3. gabelogan

    Unlicensed National Teams Project

  4. gabelogan

    No fatiuge

  5. gabelogan

    ★ Hungarian Faces by Gabe

    Hi, only Hungarian players here! :mambo: This isnt will be a factory tho... My first face for Fifa ever; HUSZTI Szabolcs DOWNLOAD
  6. gabelogan

    Minifaces - HUNGARY

    Hi, only Hungary related minis here with existing players in FIFA database(no other patches). Taking request with these terms. :dance: my first work Updated and missing minis PACK up to 03.07 Novothny, Futács, R. Varga, Böde, I. Kovács, Lovrencsics, Koman, Elek, Laczkó, Guzmics...
  7. gabelogan

    Creation Centre Custom Chant Bug

    Is it work for your CC teams? Whenever i try to browse a chant ingame for a CC team it still remains on defeault. The same chants work perfectly for defeault teams. Im on PC.
  8. gabelogan

    FIFA 14 Intro

    UPDATED NEW INTRO MOD The mod replaces the generic EA Logo-video-intro with this video. YouTube - FIFA 14 FIFA ATTR DOWNLOAD *Install description is in the file ;)