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    Msn messenger 6.1

    Does anyone know where to download it, coz i cant get into my 6.2 coz I try to install an addin (the large picture thing). Now everytime i try to sign in it comes up with a pop up saying i cant run the program and some sh*t to do with wtbw plugin.:f***: Does anyone know how to fix this...
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    Possible spoilers* I missed the last episode, (here in Aust. we might be a bit behind in the series), the epsisode before the one i missed was when Gyel died in the hotel, and when the terrorist told President Palmer that he had to kill...
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    England vs Switzerland [P] + [R]

    After what England did against France i really cant make a prediction. What about you guys....
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    Biggest Win

    Whats your biggest ever win... Mine came just three days ago in my league match. Won 10-0 :Carlos*o: :lui: :bob: :alex: :dragan: :bouncy: :-paul:
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    Round 7 Previews and Results

    Well we're half way there, lets see what this week bring us. Satisfying result for me :$ won 10-0, played against 2nd bottom, my new streiker got 7 on the score sheet, quite a good debut for him:D *Still sitting 3rd but my goal difference has shot up :mrpimp:
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    Surfing Game

    Found this the other day on a surfing site, found it quite fun (being in class probably had something to do with it being fun) See how ya like it.... Cyber Pro
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    Another problem....

    Sorry for another thread but i have another problem thats starting to piss me off, this keeps coming up everytime i start my computer up . Any Ideas? :confused:
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    Round 6 Previews and Results

    You know how it goes Just played 2nd in my league (im 4th last) Thrashed them :D :Carlos*o:
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    I bidded for a coach about 2 months ago, and i havent received an email about him yet, anyone have any idea why this could possibly happen? Because usually it doesnt take this long :confused:
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    Everytime i open up a link , these stupid little pup-ups comes up. The little one comes up first then the 2nd one. Anyone have any idea how i can get rid of it ?
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    Youth Players....

    Just a Question. When you go to Youth Education and you want to buy youth players, it says you can only buy one. Does that mean only one at a time? So if i want more than one, do i clik on 'change' more than once or what? Thats all.
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    Sorry for making a thread about this but ive thought about it enough and i wanna know why is it that you can only see your player stats, from the players only on your team, and you cant see the players from other teams' stats (how many balls they have) :confused:
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    Your Best Players

    I dunno if this threads been made before, but just out of curiousity, show who are your best players. Here is my best and most reliable player, Craig Tresise (Y)
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    Norwich Pixel Player

    i liked the idea of what Andrew was doing with the pixel players and decided to go ahead and copy him:p :mrpimp: And here is my first, Leon Mckenzie
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    Avatar Request

    sorry to request an avatar again but this time id like a norwich one and hopefully itll be my last request for a while, but if someone could plz make me one itd be great, id like this following pictures in it plz, and id also like it made with animation like the following avatar.....thanks in...
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    Aicha - {FREAK} MUST SEE!

    you must see this kid, he must be a homo See Freak Here !
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    Avatar Request

    if its not too much hassel could someone plz make me an oasis avatar..... id like it to include animation if possible, thx in advance :mrpimp:
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    Sig Request

    Could somebody please be kind enough to make me an OASIS sig... id like it to say 'Seb' somweher in there and 'Oasis'.and a pic if you can find one plz. thats simply all i can ask for, theres nothing really more to it, unless you dont know who oasis is, thanks in advance ;)
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    What did i say people...

    read and weep,,10355~506727,00.html :rolleyes:
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    Seb's Sig Thread

    My Sig thread , all coments are welcome :mrpimp: We Are The Champions!!!