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    2012 USA Election Day Thread

    America is a changed country. F*ck yeah, bitches. We did it.
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    College Football

    **** this BCS system. Same argument every year and someone gets ****ed. Gay.
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    NFL Thread [2010]

    Favre will die on the field this season.
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    PSV - Feyenoord

    Well deserved.
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    AC Milan Thread [2010/2011]

    He wasn't gonna beat Stekelenburg a 2nd time (re: World Cup QF)
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    Inter Thread [2010/2011]

    Wesley Sneijder was a good samaritan yesterday and helped a woman during a scooter accident in Milan until an ambulance arrived on the scene
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    Ultimate Draft Challenge Selection Thread

    Lol, Shifty, you're so American.
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    Long Distance Relationships

    hahahahahah (Y)
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    Time to apogize to Malcolm Glazer

    Glazer is Shifty's cousin.
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    FSC beats ESPN for CL rights.

    I think it being on FSC rather than ESPN is bad news. It gives soccer a lot less reach-out.
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    Dear Microsoft

    Apple rules all. Can't **** with it... Bill Gates is having him killed.
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    24 - Season 7.

    I'd f*ck the redhead. This season has more black guys, I noticed.
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    NBA 08-09 Season Thread

    High draft pick for the Wizards next year, baby!
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    I got plans to go to Vegas for around $500 in early March... than Sydney last two weeks of March... tickets alone are in the 2k range. I'm gonna be BROKE in April :(
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    Happy Birthday Shifty

    Haha, yes I definitely spend the first 3 nights at a bar than was sober for a day, went to VTech and was just drunk for the rest of the weekend. Back to work now... and you can see how bored I am, logging on to SG for the first time in months. Anyway, hooray for October birthdays! The irony of...
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    He's taking a coaching course so he can be a licensed coach soon. Together with Dennis Bergkamp (H). I'm not joking
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    Group C: Italy vs. Romania [P+R]

    Hey, good job, "world champions." No, really. Thanks. Keep up the good work (H)(Y)
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    Group C: France v Netherlands (P+R)

    All I have to say is.... BRING IT ON!
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    violence in Italy

    Wow. Talk about understatement of the week.