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    FIFA 2008 (360, PS3) vs. PES 2008 (360, PS3)

    good post darkmarnlaw i agree with u, me 2 i am not lookingf oward to it as in the past versions for the same reasens as u mantion it, it feels fast & easy, still getting it 2morrow though hoping the game it plays slower & better compeared to the demo on xbox360. at the and of the day i still...
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    Konami unveils Pro Evo 2008, some details!!

    i agree the pass doesn't go sometimes where u want to, about manual passing, i am not to sure of it eather
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    I called EA Europe about 360 game.

    he should be fired why always thik people work for EA :kader:
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    Finally Official! PES6 Demo out next week!

    in 3 weeks next year pes7 will come out mark my words (C)
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    Finally Official! PES6 Demo out next week!

    evrytime we hear rumors about the demo & we never recived anything :chew: so if nobady have proves about when the demo exactly it is gonna be realise, then stop posting bull****s & confusing evrybady, :kader:
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    Opinions and Thoughts on the FIFA 07 Demo. (Shared)

    i play football my self semi-pro and i have to agree with u OVNY that when i play we/pes sometimes it feels that i got total control over the ball & the player in the game, thats why they call it, football simulation game, to give gamers that sens of feeling. still we/pes as a football...
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    Opinions and Thoughts on the FIFA 07 Demo. (Shared)

    c) There is no team mates immersion into the plays, for example Im sick and tired to give a ball and see that the player dosent run to get it, I mean players should look for the ball, not wait for the ball to get where they are. Thats a basic of football. If you go where the ball is you win the...
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    A neutral review of fifa 07

    i have to agree with u in every point :hump:
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    FIFA 07 Demo Graphics Patch

    the link doesn't work when u try to download
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    the tricks are good, but i don't like the fact that u don't have total controll over it, they are so random wich is bad, amen we should be able to do tricks when we want like in real life when u play football , not like smashing the right stick till u lose the ball the nothing hapen :kader: i...
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    Opinions and Thoughts on the FIFA 07 Demo. (Shared)

    ronaldo9, just bought a 360 yesterday. Did I make a wise choice overall for all games? As for football. I saw the 360 WC game and it was very uninspiring and lame, same ol ps2, xbox game. I hope I'm not jumping the gun in thinking EA will make agreat game after that WC debacle game. And I'm...
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    Opinions and Thoughts on the FIFA 07 Demo. (Shared)

    totaly agree lets seed what xbox360 is building on
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    Demo Raptor Coming soon!

    thanks man
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    The very first FIFA 07 Demo Expander @ FIFA 4 !

    i downloded the file but doesn't work for me can somebody help me with this pls
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    Opinions and Thoughts on the FIFA 07 Demo. (Shared)

    Posted: 13 Sep 2006 17:17 Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my first pc demo impesion this version its defenitly improvments and the best fifa ever, thanks to the new ball movments, it plays freely and smoth with some...
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    just played PS2 demo @ HMV!

    Quote: Originally Posted by lil_kewell NK FOOTBALL, it just sounds like u suck at PES5, see thats what i love about the pro evo series, takes time to get used to and there is so much in the game, i been playing Winning eleven 10 for months now and im still discovering new things. Thats what i...
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    FIFA 07 360 Footage

    here are some new screenshots go to xboxyde looking good hope this pic are from ingameplay
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    FIFA 07 preview current-gen

    i wouldnt be surprise if they left that bag in, as fifa always realise they game with full of bags, especialy in corrent-gen my only hope is fifa2007 in xbox360 if it twill be any good? will see
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    I'm Now A Fifa Fan!!!

    deffenetly try both demos before u decide to buy eather game, i will do the same anyways. + don't listen to the fanboys :kader:
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    Moaning for Fifa 2007 on XBOX 360

    what a gay thread :funny: Nk why u getting over excited man :lui: u can't say nothing about pes6 cos u havent played the game yet. about fifa 2007 we all like to see fifa immproving, as they got all the licenses. + we all played fifa once, but sins 98, everyone knows that fifa whent...