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    pes textures to useful format to fifa?

    soo, i saw here somtime ago some pes face and i downloaded it, and the format was something video or something.. so anyone know how to convert it to useful format to use for fifa face? hope u understand me :D:funny:
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    how to change the bmp files to fsh? dunno is here been before a topic about this, didnt found.. so is there sumkinda fsh tool?
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    make's facethread

    Faces: KP Boateng;9582467;/fileinfo.html Ivica Banovic :;9607071;/fileinfo.html Miguel Torres :;9635628;/fileinfo.html Milan Smiljanic ...
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    face problem!

    Sorry if i post this newbie question in here but yeah here is my problem: i have imported many faces from SG forums facemakers and my game crashed when i try to play with team which has modified faces. Can you help me?:brow: :fool: Thanks! Markus
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    The Patch problem!

    Ok, i have problem with patch. When i try to run it normaly it says : Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match!! Could somebody help me? I tried to install the patch agagain but itt didnt work.... I cant play online!!!