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    Job Offers and Better Transfers

    Hi, Anyone know how i can tweak the game so as more manager jobs become available and more clubs bid on players, Or is there already a mod for this.:cool:
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    Editing Job Offers.

    Can anyone please tell me how i can edit FIFa 12 to get more job offers in career mode, I know how to open the Joboffer ini but aint got a clue what to change....:blush: Any help appriciated.
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    Jan Window 2012 Update.

    Dose anyone know if EA will be releasing a Jan widow update for FIFA 12 PC.....:blush:
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    Career Mode Editor

    Can anyone help me with this Career mode editor, Give me any tips on what to change, or what it dose, I cant make head not tail of it, Dont want to change things that might wreck my game. what should be changed....? Also can you change it for better job offers...ect....:blush:
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    Transfer Market....???

    Hi lads, is there anyhing that can be edit in Fifa 11 to make teams more active in the transfer market, i have no probs getting bids for my transfer listed players, But i would like clubs to come in for my sorta star players, And would also like to make clubs sign more players during the...
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    Better Gameplay Help Please.

    Can anyone recommend a decent gameplay patch for Fifa 11 on the PC, One that makes the opposition put you under more pressure, and one that dont give you big wads of cash for winning a match, i've tryed 2 so far and there not bad, but i dont like the piles of cash you get when you win a...