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    RX3 Files Research by du_oro10

    Hi to all guys, I'm here after a while dreaming with be able to edit hairs 3D rx3 and sadly I haven't even the minimal knowledge to achive that . But if Rinaldo and Jorge have been able to, that means that it is possible. So lets begin with my findings. As many 3D files, rx3 files are...
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    FIFA 13 Faces by du_oro10

    Hi guys, now that the tools FaceGen (SI), Cyber Faces Converter 12 (Jor1980) and Creation Master 12 (Rinaldo) are working, I'll post my faces here. I'm Latin American, so, most of my faces will be for those leagues. -Oswaldo Vizcarrondo (mirror) -Alexis Sánchez (mirror) View screen -Eduardo...
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    New v3.3 The first model set with FIFA12 faces geometry Download essential files: du_oro10's FIFA12 FaceGen model set: du_oro10's Complement files for FIFA12 faces: Here the video tutorial...
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    Referees specific faces. Is that posible?

    Well, hi everybody, I would ask to the experts in CM10 and also general FIFA editors if someone have allready found some way to applicate a specific face for referees, that because I've made some for mexican referees but still couldn't find a way to get it in game. Any help will be usefull, even...
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    .o Files edition

    Hi every body, I'm opening this thread to ask those editors who have the skills and tools to manipulate and edit .o files with advanced 3D editors (Rhino, 3D studio) and, a harder step, to re-import the edited 3D data to .o original files. The answer has never been organized (or I haven't seen)...
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    Help With Rhino3D and O Files

    Ok, its well knowed that for Vista Users (Till I know) the Face Making with OEdit is practicly imposible, so I recurred to the option in OEdit "Export to VRML File" wich is complete editable in Rhino 4.0, then I use the Rhino comand ExtractPt and save as .txt and next import that geometry in to...
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    Help With nike numbers

    Hi, i've been making the new nike numbres in ai format, but cant find the 4 & 5 numbres, and also don't know how to import to a font file, if anyone want tell me how do it, or want use this images to make the font, please help. The images.
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    Please explain to me

    I've try to import/export manualy minikits and heads to their respectives files, but neither bigGUI & EA GRAPH can do it, and i've seen the 2GK Kit Raptor uses GFXPAK and GFXPAK1 ¿Can somebody explain to me how it works or another way to do it? Tanks.
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    Nike Total 90 Aerow Beta

    Well, I've been working in this ball, and really it's very dificult to do it coinside, any comment will be acepted :) Thanks!
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    Replacing 2GF for an existent face

    Well, I can't replace an exisiting face with a 2GF :(, for example, Van Nistelrooy face, I only get it works changing with CC the ID Face for an unused ID Face for the 2GF work (I've been using the ID Technology) Can some1 explainme how to fix that? Thanks. :D
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    Geo Merlin Vapor in FIFA Elite

    And FIFA Elite will be back with a new ball: Nike Geo Merlín Vapor Ball, a new .o file and a new texture; here some screens. ;)
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    du_oro10 2GK Kits Thread

    Hi, I'm a new user of this forum, and I think the kits forum is a great idea, so I'll be submiting my kits and you can tell me what you think, I'll begin whit the Juventus FC Away Kits. P.S. Sorry my english, I'm Mexican :P