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    D4W3R's Kits

    Hey Guys! I'm back! :) I'll post my new kits for FIFA 16. I learnt some Photoshop trick for the quality I hope you will enjoy my kits. Here's my first "project". (I would like to see comments so please if you can write your opinions, thanks) :cb:
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    D4W3R's Kits

    Welcome to my Fifa 15 kit thread :) More Coming Soon!
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    D4W3R's Kit Parade

    Hey guys I'm D4W3R from Hungary. Some people maybe know me because I've made kits since 2008 and I finished in 2012 but I'm back with new kits :) Here's the first. It's just a beta version. I didn't make kits 2 years ago so please tell me your opinions. Thanks :) And sorry for my English I...
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    D4W3R's Kits

    Hey guys :) I moved here :D I will update my new works :)
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    Kits by D4W3R

    Hy guys, I'm here :) I will make kits for the 12 :) I hope you will enjoy my works :) I will post my first works but I'm working yet :D so COMING SOON! :D
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    D4W3R's kit parade!!!

    Hy all I moved my minikit thread here. I continue the Euro 2012 minis :)
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    D4W3R's Graphic Parade [Enjoy]

    I started to make minis for Euro 2012 Patch. If you can send me photos or logos send me in pm :) thanks The teams which are minis ready: - Azerbaijan - Italy - France - Montenegro - Slovakia
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    World Cup Kits from D4W3R and Richardo93

    World Cup Kits from D4W3R and Richardo93 by the two member of the FifaZone! We will make the kits for the 32 teams on the World Cup!
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    Fifa 10 Kits from the Hungarian specialist D4W3R

    Hy everybody Iam D4W3R and this is my new thread. In this thread I will post only kits. My old topic is will close! But if you are want I wont close (Y)
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    D4W3R's Kit Shop! [Thread:On]

    Hello Again in this post you can find my kits and some kit you can find on the FifaBoard Forum (Y)
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    D4W3R's Graphics

    Hy again my name is D4W3R and here my new topic. I show here some minifaces,flags,logos and kits.
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    D4W3R Minifaces in EA style

    Hello my name is D4W3R and I'm from Hungary and these are my minifaces in EA style. ;)