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    FIFA 10 Career Cheater

    Hi! Career Cheater - simple tool to increase money, fan & security points in your career. Or increase shop points and unlock all shop items and challenges in your profile. Download here:
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    FIFAFS - tool for .big & .fat files now works with FIFA 10 Demo

    11/09/09 UPDATE: fifafs v.5.2.70 works with FIFA Manager 10. Also I've found a bug with deletion from .BIGs which was introduced in some of recent versions. Now it's fixed. Download: ...old post... Hi, we've updated fifafs to v. 5.2.62 recently. I'd...
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    FIFA 09 Music Changer is here

    All the power of Music Changer is now available for FIFA 09: Download: BTW, fifaFS is also updated to support FIFA 09. You can find it here:
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    FIFA 09 demo downsized

    News from Download:
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    FIFA 09 Demo Keyboard Patch

    News from Download:
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    FIFA 09 zdata/FAT tool

    fifaFS tool is updated. News from Download:
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    fifa.fat limit is broken?
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    You were waiting for it - FIFA 08 Music Changer

    Legendary Music Changer is here to save us all! :) Download here:
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    FIFA 08 FAT rebuilding and files importing

    fifaFS 5.1 is here I must add, it is the fastest tool ever. For example it rebuilds FIFA 08 FAT in about 1 second.