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    FIFA 08 - Impressions of the FULL version (PS3)

    As with every year, here in Australia we get Fifa usually up to couple of weeks before the rest of the world... God knows why, every other game comes in late. I have collected my copy this morning and had a good play through most of the modes and instead of doing a proper review, I'll do a...
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    Fifa 08 and PES 2008 impressions from Leipzig

    Hi fellas, just got back from Germany to my homeland Australia and wanted to post my impressions of both games. If people remember, I posted one of the first impressions last year for FIFA 07 on 360 and subsequently for UEFA CL 06/07. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to see...
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    UEFA CL 06/07 impressions of the final!

    Just played a few quick matches and wanted to let you guys know what's new and what's different from the demo. I won't comment on the game modes right now as I haven't tried them yet, so I'll post more tomorrow. The graphics are incredible, and more interesting is support for 1080p... Yep...
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    FIFA 07 360 out now in Australia

    Just picked up a copy half an hour ago... I'll post a review as soon as I get to play it tonight (@ work atm.)
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    Some amazing Fifa 07 (X360) skills!!! (VIDEO)

    Guys, check these ones out... Especially 2nd, 3rd and 4th video... Very nice! LINK
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    FIFA 06 XBOX360 first impressions!

    Attending the X05 event in Netherlands gave me a chance to chat to Danny Issac and see FIFA 06 RTWC in action. The menu system is completely new and has no relevance to this year's FIFA at all. Background is full of animations which is incredibly lifelike. After picking up the teams, Danny...
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    Computer & Video Games' UK FIFA 06 review - What a discrimination!!!

    This is unreal. Have a look at it: I haven't seen bigger discrimination for one game in ages. 50%? You gotta be joking! I don't know wether they just put a disk into a tray, load it up, took it out and said this...
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    Fifa 06 Xbox Review!!!

    Let me introduce myself. I work for one of the gaming magazines here in Australia (finance department) so reviewing the game is not my specialty but I’ll give it a go hopefully people can have a read about my thoughts on new FIFA. FIFA 06 has been released in Australia on the 23rd of...