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    The England National team thread

    I wanted England to win and thought it would have been hilarious if we could have won on penalties, but Xifio is actually correct about English football culture. It is the case right the way down to youth and amatuer teams, run by blokes standing around shouting 'get stuck in', and telling the...
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    The England National team thread

    That is legitimately quite concerning. Maybe he also doesn't know which players he's picked and just selected names he could remember. Might explain the number of Liverpool players.
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    The England National team thread

    Goalkeepers - Joe Hart, Robert Green, John Ruddy. Defenders - Leighton Baines, Gary Cahill, Ashley Cole, Glen Johnson, Phil Jones, Joleon Lescott, John Terry. Midfielders - Gareth Barry, Stewart Downing, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Scott Parker...
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    The England National team thread

    FA apparently talking to Hodgeson!
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    :) Didn't know Saints were so popular! I wonder what the ideal 20 team Premiership would be? I'd like to think Southampton would be in it for most people and that seems to be the case, which is cool. I think we should be in the Premier League. Hopefully we stay up. We can fill our 32k stadium...
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    YEAH! Southampton back in the Premier League, back-to-back promotions! Took me 3 season on fm11, so he's ahead of the game. Now all he needs to do is win the CL a year earlier than I did...
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    Question of the Week: Players who messed up their careers

    Ched Evans just messed up his career.
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    I think Le Tissier is a legitimate inclusion. If only considering Premiership games, he has 102 goals from 270 games from central midfield, many of them stunningly good. In terms of being a creative goalscoring midfielder he's got the stats and highlight reel to merit inclusion. His goals per...
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    The best part about that dive is that if he stays on his feet, surely he scores? It is just embarrassing on every level.
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    The UEFA Champions League 2011/12 Thread

    Don't think it's fair to connect England (allegedly) always underperforming at tournaments with Chelsea being the only English team currently remaining in the CL. Also, English players not tending to represent those clubs is not because they are not good enough. If the EPL was a selling...
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    The England National team thread

    Rooney is missing the first 2 games (through entirely his own fault) and plays striker which maybe isn't the best position (although can work). Also his general attitude can be appalling when it's not going well, and if he was captain he would probably feel even more entitled to roam around...
  12. I - Team of the Year 2011

    a) **** you! Why do you hate England to the extent of genuinely wishing an embarassing individual error on their goal keeper? I wouldn't want to see any team knocked out like that. b) Including Seaman in that list is poor form. His memorable mistake was the result of an insanely lucky/brilliant...
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    Fifa's Sepp Blatter denies football has racism problem

    Saw ''Fifa's Sepp Blatter denies...'' on the forum index page, misread it for a second and got my hopes up...
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    Question of the Week: What are some rule changes that would improve the game?

    Arguably the game could be improved by a detailed analysis and adjustment of the pitch size, goal size, area size and number of players per team. These were basically decided 130 years ago by guys playing a game which was totally different in many other ways, and if you look at it objectively...
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    2018 world cup bid

    Clearly I wanted England to get it and I'm sure the whole process is full of corruption and is generally ****, but at least Russia have: Qualified for World Cups before; a reasonable domestic league; decent sized population to appreciate it; will probably provide a competitive team. i.e they...
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    Spain proposes 2013 Champions World Cup!!!

    Interesting debate. I think ShiftyPowers and Mandieta6 are right. I used to think that style and skill were everything and even set up a 6 a side team with my friends based on that idea. Then we started losing to teams we could have beaten and it felt ****. We changed to be more defensive and...
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    The England National team thread

    Capello has to go. He totally failed to select anything resembling our best side. Why the **** would you not select Crouch against the likes of Algeria? Why would you pick Heskey against anyone, ever? Did anyone see his attempt at a step over where he trod on the ball and nearly fell over...
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    WC Matchday 17: [GER v ENG] + [ARG v MEX]

    Although we were totally **** in the tournament and didn't even select our best side (where was Crouch? Why Heskey? Why Wright-Phillips?), my memory of this world cup will be feeling sick with anger at the fact we should have been 2-2 with Germany. It obviously changed the game. Yes we may still...
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    The Premier League 2009/10 Thread

    Personally I think it's a shame that the semi-final was decided by a terrible pitch and yet more awful officiating. Crouch scored a perfectly legitimate goal which was disallowed because David James foolishly launched himself into Kranjčar. I really hate how goalkeepers are often given piss...
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    Usain Bolt sets world record (again)

    Do people think he will hold the world records for an incredibly long time? Like decades? Or that being tall will become a requirement of top level sprinting, and more 6'5''(+?) guys will emerge in 10 years or so, inspired by Bolt? I can't see how anybody with significantly shorter legs is...