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    I was WRONG about Fifa08!!!!!!!

    Well I thought Fifa had it this year. Thats until I played someone Online who exploited and perfected that STUPID corner kick trick. My GOD that just ruined the entire game for me. Knowing that anyone can do that at ANY time and there is not much you can do about it. The game was great until...
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    Cant Play Online Ps2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YO man WTF!!! IM pissed off. I bought the game to play online and I cant even create a phukin account. Once I get to the select a country it just says "sorry servers are down try again later" this happens all the freakin time. Does this happen to any1 else??? I should have just downloaded...
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    Most dissappointing player in Germany 2006

    Who do you think it was??? Imma have to go with Ronaldihno. All the hype about him being the best in the World and all he finishes with is 1 assist and a very lackluster performance for his standards
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    Why are player faces so awful?????

    I thought Fifa was suppose to be known for thier great graphics...... Well on the PS2 Version most if not ALL player faces are either strange, misproportioned, zombie looking, or the players dont even look like the real thing.... Henrys head is so damn big and fat he looks like a boxer...
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    Colombia VS England [Freindly]

    Colombia Vs England Tuesday, May 31 at Giants Stadium in New Jersey..... Imma be there!!!!! :rockman: :rockman: Anyone else goin????? imma rock my blue arsenal jersey and ill have my colombian flag..... We will prob. loose but who cares alot of our girls come out to the game so ill...
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    Need help buying custom computer

    check this out, is the price worthy of getting this. Is there anything I should change like the graphics card??? System comes Assembled & Tested. List price: US $ 2,605 .59 Your price: US $ 2,527 .42 Game PC Computer click on image to enlarge Discounts For...
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    Controler Settings. How Do YOu Play???????????????

    Just wanna see if EVERYONE out there plays WE/PES on default settings???? I myself have accustumed myself to FIFA 98. This is how I play 0=Shoot []=Long Pass X= Pass /\= Speed Burst:confused: R1= Thru Ball R2=Tricks Man Ive been doing this since WE6. Even EA switched up thier...
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    Ok I want back to WE7 the Original and.....

    I just went back to WE7, the first that came out in Japan on ps2. And it seemed ALOT harder than WE7I. And if im correct WE7I= Pes3 with minor modifications. As we all know WE7I had lower handballs, harder headers, and weaker goalies. On WE7 the original the AI seems to be ALOT...
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    2004 Epl Champs Theme Song

    Hey whats poppin peoples. Just thought Id share a track dedicated to my team and the best in the EPL this season. It's available for download. Im lookin for Arsenal crowd chants or for sum1 to put some lyrics over it. If u have any...
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    Winning Eleven 7I TV Commercial

    Just saw a commercial for WE7I ON Fox Sports World here in the US. This is great as the game is given even more exposure. Too bad they dont show some awesome Gameplay though.:rockman: :hump: (H)
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    Jose Reyes stats needed!!!!!!

    I've only seen him play 2wice as a sub. And he has scored 2wice today against chlesea. If anyone can give me unbias stats that would be awesome. I can't seem to find any stats for him anywhere. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
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    Check the link below to view 1 of my most beautiful goals. Now to all u fifa stans, can U do ANYTHING this nice in fifa 2004??? This is WE7 by the way.
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    No Rain??? Wtf????

    Wow so dry out there. And when I play at night the lights are so high it hurts my frickin eyes.
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    Penalties for handballs are given!!!!!! HOORAY!!

    I was playin wih arsenal and got a shot off with Henry that hit a defender in the hand and the ball went in the net. I was dissappointed when the ref gave no advantage play.(I was thinkin it was a foul or sumthin else) Than it happened!!! There was a slow motion replay of the defender...
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    Need Everyones Help Please!!!!!!

    As you all know PES3 has been released in Europe allready. Well here in North America we dont get the game till Feb. BUT if konami released PES3 a month earlier than just maybe if we all chip in we can get a quicker release date here in the North&south America. PLEASE ALL HELP!!! by...
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    Funny Transfers

    Ok for those who have played in the master league; have u seen any really funny transfers?? Im playin WE7 by the way Manchester United bought Roque Junior from Leeds and now Manchester is always last or second to last every season!!! HAHHAHAHA Liverpool got rid of cudicini and he is a...
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    All goals in fifa are the same!!!!

    God u little kids blow goats. go to and check out the freakin goals scored for christ sake. U cant do this in fifa. Fifa will never have a forum to post goals because they are all EXACTLY the same. Nuthin will ever change like my nuts on ya...
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    MLS- Has it gotten better???

    I think the MLS has improved alot. I use to sit through games and just change the channel cause it would get boring. But this year I have seen sum great football. Sure its not as good as other leagues, but it has greatly improved with great talent. The only thing really missin are FANS...
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    Long distance shots?????

    Are long distance shots to easy and how often does the AI score them? I remember buying fifa2002 and then throwin it in the garbage because the long distance shooting was just real freakin gay and fake. The AI would shoot like 10 yards away from the half and score goals. If 2004 is gay with...
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    In desperate need of help

    I need sum help as to how to buy players in the master league. Ok i know how to select a player to buy but I dont know what the menu with the transfer points says at all. I tried the but that doesnt help me at all. I just need to know what all the menus with the salaries say...