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    PES 2008 demo - changing language

    Does anyone know how to do that? Even if I select English in the installer, the game runs in Portuguese. Hate that.
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    I'm getting some problem logging in here. It seems it started after the forums actually moved to or something. I still access here by typing When the home page loads, it shows I'm logged in. I click to access a forum (e.g. Players' Lounge) and...
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    Ultra-rare Firefox "issue": multiple instances with one profile (I want it!)

    I never knew Firefox runs usually only one instance. I've always used it with multiple instances and one profile. I posted this on MozillaZine and could not get help -- more because it's rare than because it's difficult, it seem. That's why I'm posting here also. Am I the only one...
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    Typing diacritical/accent marks with a Japanese keyboard

    I have a Japanese notebook with Brazilian Portuguese Windows XP Professional (SP2) installed. Portuguese (Brazil) is the input language and Japanese is the keyboard layout. Keys are correctly assigned, but I can't type diacritics on letters! For example, to get an " á " I would type " ' "...
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    PlayStation 2 - widescreen on a 4:3 TV

    is it possible to play games on widescreen mode with a 4:3 tv? i mean with the black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen (like watching a dvd with anamorphic widescreen), instead of having the screen stretched or something. if it's possible... how? thanks in advance.
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    round 1, fight!

    fatality :( (pictures taken somewhere here in this beloved and bizarre country...)
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    OG- Marathon

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!! :f***: :f***: :f***: :f***: :f***:
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    running a sequence of commands repeatedly

    is there such a program that lets me set a sequence of commands to run them several times, repeatedly? it would work similarly to a batch file, but i want to input commands for both keyboard and mouse and i'd like to set the time between these commands. years ago i programmed this little...
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    "F1 Racing" Top 100 Formula 1 drivers

    :) took from another forum my favourite ones (clark and senna) are top 5. (Y) here's a little tribute i made a month ago (for may 1st) to a friend of mine (camila, dragan (H)). she asked me to make any image (in 500x500, so she could upload it to -...
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    Janco Tianno

    he was so great :( i miss him.
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    cd-r recognized as cd-rw

    i've been testing some cheap cds (for non-important data) and i got some trouble recently. my system: pentium iii 1ghz 256mb hp cd-writer plus 8200 internal (24x-4x-2x) windows 2000 my friend came here a month ago and we tried to burn some cds. i got surprised when i noticed i could...
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    i'm bored. ------------------------------------------------- Some Webforms Does not work with your email Due to the length of the email address, some webforms are not setup to handle such a long email...
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    I swear I tried so hard to don't do this ... As you can see... I've done it. :( Shame on me :jap: Usually, the first thread of a forum is so useless... :rolleyes:
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    I'll be waiting for you in 2014

    from Hope we can do it well. (H) :jambo:
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    BAND name game

    this is like the well-known football team name game. you will write a band (or singer, group, double, trio, artist, etc.) name starting with the last letter of the last band name posted. rules: :rolleyes: repeating is allowed, but of course the cool thing is always try to find a "new"...
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    What's your favorite song... RIGHT NOW?

    let me start some post boosting so :kader: :( answer the question: "what's your favorite song RIGHT NOW?" i mean, what song are you listening the most nowadays? try telling us just one song, the first over all. also i expect ppl don't swearing at each other just because one dislikes...
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    list of referees

    i'd like to see a list of the referees included in the game. if possible, someone could post their kits and faces as well (H) :crazyboy: :mrpimp: thanks in advance :p
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    congrats to MICHAEL SCHUMACHER for winning his 5th title... he keeps being in my hatelist :D anyway he did it... :( :p AGAIN
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    Inter superstars volunteer for pay cuts

    Inter superstars volunteer for pay cuts ROME (Reuters) - Inter Milan strikers Ronaldo, Christian Vieri and Alvaro Recoba, three of the world's best paid footballers, have offered to take pay cuts to help their club through the financial crisis hitting Italian football. Inter said on their...
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    XGK kits by Daniel Rodrigo

    these kits were made by daniel rodrigo. i'm posting them because he's not a member of sg forums. :( you have to contact him by e-mail ([email protected]) if you wanna get these kits. :mrpimp: post comments!! :D here's germany's............ PS: when any mod will fix this...