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    // FIFA11 face.factory

    Is iy possible to have the link for sakho? Thank you very much!!
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    FIFA 11 faces by Kiboo

    Fantastics valencia and i have seen your valbuen he's very good it's a good work because original is very bad. Thanks and will you do the 2 brothers ayew?
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    Farkam Faces Fifa 11

    What a good zizou very good work!!!
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    kaokokao's faces

    Good bale!!
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    manulukasz [season 10/11]

    Your gibson is wonderful!!!
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    FIFA 11 faces by Kiboo

    VERY very good face it's a good work!!
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    FIFA 11 faces by Kiboo

    It's a good idea but put picture for people can see face or picture patch.
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    FIFA 11 faces by Kiboo

    Your work is wonderful!!! paerfect suarez!!! Will you upload your rami face witch is fantastics!!! Thanks to do french player because therse's no lot of person witch do french player. I want say to you your face are very realistic!!! with a good quality. Will you do mathieu valbuena...
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    :::::::Drogba11's Faces::::::

    Very good face!!
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    Farkam Faces Fifa 11

    It's a wonderful face!!!
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    FIFA 11 Real Performance Optimizer (Real Solving to Any Lags) - Doctor+ Productions

    I'have a 3d card with 512mo its an 7300 nvidia is this patch will improve the lag i have sometimes during game? Is this compatible with the uptates in new official patch!!
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    Another Face Thread xD(A NEW HISTORY BEGINS :D)

    Very good work i like your face!!
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Thank to rinaldo for his wonderful work!!!
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    Balti's Robe

    very nice mini!!
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    manulukasz [season 10/11]

    Your face are good!!
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    Farkam Faces Fifa 11

    What a good face!!!!
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    Request a Face Thread 11

    Please is there some body could do mathieu valbuena of marseille. I can't understand this bad face for this player. Some photos:
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    [tutorial] How to set graphic detail

    I have lot of lag when i play is there some body can help me? i test the patch but it lags lot of i play in low resolution is there some body can help. Is there a patch for bad resolution!!
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    FIFA 11 Faces Thread by Khangpro

    very good face!!