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    FIFA 10 VS PES 10

    it's time for a PES 11 VS FIFA 2011 thread. Also for us PC users, it's nice to see Fifa 11 finally a next gen game.
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    Duong's 10 Graphics

    great nets :)
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    Performance decreases with more matches!

    it is not much. try to update your graphics card drivers
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    Performance decreases with more matches!

    solution I had the same problem and I had tried many workarounds, finally found the solution. Here is what you need to do, go to and download nvidia drivers 190.03, it fixes all fps problems. This solution may not apply to every user. Your system might be overheating too. If...
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    A way to slightly imrpove graphics/performance

    if anyone running fifa 10 on windows 7 and experience choppy graphics, go to and download nvidia 190.03 drivers. Those drivers resolve every issue with fifa 10.
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    I was gonna reply but then I saw you were from Calgary. Figures... :D I got nothing more to say :clapwap:
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    have you completely lost your mind??? that rainy mode is the best ever in a soccer game and you think it is bad. the graphics are way better than 2008 with better lighting effects, shorts that wrinkle when you move, the brilliant faces and much smoother animations. you either have a...
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    Who owns

    You make childish remarks like "yer maw" or post a turkey picture and then you sit in your filthy room and think you are a genius, don't you? I won't even respond to you as you two are complete losers anyway.
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    Who owns

    who are you referring to?
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    Who owns

    Almost for 2 years the main page of is the same. It looks ridicilous with that PES5 review on the headlines where PES7 is almost out. Why isn't anyone updating the main page? :boohoo:
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    Fidel Gameplay Show Patch 07 v 1.0

    what the hell? :D
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    ..:: My Uefa Champions League ::..

    A agree with the CPU AI. They defend very well, that's the most important improvement I believe. I find it harder to find spaces now.
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    UEFA Champions League 06-07

    Aside from some bugs in the game I want to talk a little positive about it. There are a few improvements over Fifa 07 - The shooting is more realistic now. How? It was too accurate in Fifa 07, you take a long shot from anywhere on the field and you see the ball flying into the net if the...
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    Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits

    I am looking forward to seeing the Fenerbahce kit as well. ;)
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    Wolf Furry Evolution Patch

    true, Wolf was the best but he quit patching PES series. I think the first patch for PES6 will be socceraccess's CL patch which was pretty good for PES5
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    pes6 difficulty

    nah, I would really doubt Milan can beat (us) Fenerbahce these days where they lose to Atalanta and can't even beat other weak Italian sides. They are crap this season. Shevchenko was 50% of that team. I play on professional and do pretty well, will switch to top player soon. I agree the game...
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    Varying speeds

    I noticed it as well. No idea what this is about, maybe the team fitness? Even that, it still looks weird.
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    Finally some decent crowd effects

    I always have disliked the poor sound effects in PES series but this time the crowd effects are really nice. Very interactive with the game you are playing on the field. If you lose the ball you hear disappointed crowd and vice versa with some nice play. Thumbs up to this kind of improvement...
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    Fifa07-the total dissapointment!

    Multiplayer is a different story. I play very well and have got the 3rd place in the last online tournament in my country. My critics were about the single play. If you had read my previous posts you would have seen I praised Fifa 07 but I state the flaws(in my opinion) of both games. You...
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    My first PES6 goal.

    not too bad, I know it is not too realistic but I have to say it is not too unrealistic either ;)