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    This is officially dead :( Keep Working

    Im gonna make some kits for FIFA 08 and post them on my original thread ;) But i think we are all agree, this forum is officially dead :'(
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    Old Trafford

    Hi, i would like to know if someone can make the Old Trafford Stadium, as you know at the end of 2007 they expanded the stadium and the game FIFA 08 has the old version Could someone help me, or maybe convert the stadium from fifa 09 Thnx guys :)
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    more than 3 kits

    HEy guys Its there any way to have more than three kits for any team in the game? maybe a path or something? Thnx
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    ¡¡¡wtf did just happen to imageshack!!!

    Some Anti-Sec annoying message its appearing instead of the images... WTF's up with that
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    My kits for 2009 - 2010 season

    Hey guys I will keep my updates oganized in this thread. I would like to start with a new set of kits for manchester united 09-10. Cuz i didnt feel like the ones i did before were good. MANCHESTER UNITED HOME, AWAY, GK, GK AWAY, 3RD LIVERPOOL FC HOME, AWAY, GK, EURO NOTE: The...
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    fifa 2008 manchester united kits 09/10

    I MADE A NEW SET OF KITS, PLS WATCH THE THREAD "MY KITS FOR 09/10 SEASON" PAISA666 Hi guys. I would like to share the man utd new kits for next 09/10 season. this are he kits officialy presented by the team. I also made an "away" kit. I made it based on previous "away" kits presentations...