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    pes5 port forwarding

    I was wondering whether I need to set up a port forwarding rule on my router to get pes5 to work on the Playstation network. Reason being that I connected last night without any port forwarding rules and I want to know if I have set up my router correctly. Thanks.
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    Tenerife football shirts

    Hi guys (and gals?). I'm trying to find a Tenerife 05-06 football shirt. Anyone know of any online, or UK, shops where I can get one? Thanks.
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    Benitez... Liverpool?

    Obviously all the talk has been of Benitez heading off to Liverpool, which is a possibility. But what about Real Madrid? They need a new manager, and Benitez has obviously done very well over the past 3 years so what are the chances of Real Madrid being Benitez' eventual destination? If not...
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    no one in irc?
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    Leicester - a case for 4th official? On the weekend Leicester were relegated. They weren't good enough in the end but you can't help but feel they've been denied their chance of survival by shoddy refereeing after reading the above article. I saw the...
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    Hillsborough - read this

    Just read this at a Liverpool fan-site. It's probably the best article I've ever read. Puts football in perspective:
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    Hitzfeld no to Chelsea If I were Ranieri I'd quite right now. He's being treated like a chump and has brought Chelsea a long way since he's taken over.
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    Ronaldinho just got a rating of 9.5 in a game he played for me! :D He scored a hat-trick in 5 attempts on goal and did well in other aspects of his play. What I don't understand is that I've had Salas score 4 with 5 attempts against Arsenal and he only got 8?! What's the highest you've...
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    Some govt recommendations on the Premier League

    Go here: Some points I like: Supporters' views represented at board level -About time Future Premier League contracts to include limited number of games to be broadcast by free-to-air channels -woo-hoo. I was wondering why they...
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    Sepp's idea of women's football

    Sepp Blatter's idea!!! :o :D It'd be like playboy's Brazilian football World Cup shoot.
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    FIFA2004 vs PES3, my view

    I gave FIFA2004 a go the other day on a mates x-box. I'd said that I wouldn't actively seek to try it as it always pales in comparison to any version PES. I was mildly surprised... Compared to FIFA2003 it felt like a huge step forward. The cpu ai had a marked improvement as it was more...
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    Gary Neville on Riogate,,27-854112,00.html Brings up some interesting points. Particularly about impartiality within the FA, and the FA's attempts to keep their image clean instead of dealing with the issue.
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    change of sig

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    Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden. What a tune. :rockman:
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    PES3 UK release date changed?

    I've just read an article on PES3 at on;jsessionid=ZDE2EXE1135QWCQSBLVB2RQ?storyId=104473_en_GB_PREV&linktype=MPC notice the release date? When I saw that I had a quick check at Game's online store in an attempt to...
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    The GAME playable demo

    I went into my local GAME store the other day to pre-order PES3 on the basis that you get a playable demo (I fancied an appetiser before the main course). Unfortunately my local one doesn't do it yet. So, anyone else out there got the GAME playable demo... what do you think?
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    Unrest at Chelsea?

    Read on teletext this lunchtime that Duff is a bit pissed off with life under Ranieri because he gets subbed all the time. More from BBC: Also read that as soon as Chelsea bought Joe Cole they tried to loan him out to...
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    Why didn't Abramovich just... Manchester United as he obviously wants to be us: Glad Fergie turned him down. :)
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    Sven's warning to England fans

    I suppose you've all heard about Sven saying that English fans travelling to Turkey to watch Turkey-England in the final qualifying game of the group are risking their lives by doing so. If the situation in Turkey is so bad as to pose a threat to the lives of travelling fans then why are...
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    PES2 - tricks

    Well, after almost 1yr of PES2 (and anxiously awaiting the release of PES3) I'm still finding new things about the game. Take what happened to me last night for example... I'm unlocking all the Legends teams to put an even playing field up to all opponents when I go for the ML, trying to...