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    UCL: Battle of Britain a.k.a Celtic v Manutd [P]+[R]

    Unlucky Nothing wrong with the tactics at all. We totally dominated the game and lost to a superb free kick that was given as a result of a blatant dive. I can't blame the referee for that one, I don't think he realised it was a dive (although most other people did). The sooner FIFA wake up...
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    pes5 port forwarding

    I was wondering whether I need to set up a port forwarding rule on my router to get pes5 to work on the Playstation network. Reason being that I connected last night without any port forwarding rules and I want to know if I have set up my router correctly. Thanks.
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    Tenerife football shirts

    Hi guys (and gals?). I'm trying to find a Tenerife 05-06 football shirt. Anyone know of any online, or UK, shops where I can get one? Thanks.
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    Who said 'sell Solskjaer'?! Come to your senses, man! :) Selling Ole would be very, very wrong. Ole's a legend, as the banner in the Stretty says '20 LEGEND', and there aren't many United players with a banner in there. Ole will no longer be a United player when Ole decides he doesn't want...
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    John Obi Mikel : The true Story- told by Agent, ****tu

    Okay, the kidnapping thing was a bit far fetched but one question remains. To my recollection Chelsea had expressed an interest in this player before the fuss started, this was mentioned numerous times when the 'United snatch Chelsea target' stories emerged. The player seemed perfectly happy...
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    Yup, they speak Welsh in Patagonia. I don't think he'd adapt well in England because he speaks Welsh, it's as different to English as Norwegian is.
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    England's Best Central defender

    He's been a bit of a pain in the arse recently but up until the contract negotiations his form was very good as was his rapport with the fans. I think most fans, myself included, are very annoyed with him for his contract demands in light of the way we and the club stood by him during his...
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    England's Best Central defender

    I'd have to say Ferdinand as he's comfortable on the ball as well as being a commanding presence in defence. John Terry was part of the team that conceded fewest goals in England this season, but I feel he was offered better support from his fellow defenders, goalie and midfield than...
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    I'll reserve judgement on Moyes as a potential successor to Ferguson until the end of next season. He fully deserves his Manager of the Year award and has done wonders for Everton but I feel that his ability as a Manager will be properly tested next season. If he has a more successful season...
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    Manchester United Thread [2005/2006]

    From what I've seen of Park he's pretty good. Not a world beater but I think he'd definately fit into the United set up than 2Djemba's, Miller, and Kleberson. It's hard to tell though, I've seen him play once or twice but not that much and his work rate has impressed me as well as his game at...
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    UEFA Champions League Final - AC Milan vs. Liverpool FC

    Yer know, fair play to Liverpool, 3-0 down at half time and being played off the park then the get back to 3-3 after outplaying Milan for 15mins and then revert to being outplayed for the remaining time. They had a very good chance of beating Milan in normal time, having scored 3 goals against a...
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    Manchester United Thread [2004-2005]

    Not Van Bommel... Gattuso!
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    Manchester United Thread [2004-2005]

    New keeper. Good cover for Keane, good enough to pressure Keane for the midfield spot, and good cover for Giggs. We were best when we had Blomqvist pressing Giggs for the wing berth. Ronaldo's not cover for Giggs, Ronaldo's a starter on the right. Team spirit, hard work, and...
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    Movie confirms it all ! On line!

    Ach. Good news for the X-Box but I won't be rushing out to get one for the experience of playing PES4 online, as tempting as it may be. Having played the X-Box with friends I just don't like it. The controllers are the worst I've ever used and for me the console just has too much going...
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    Manchester United Thread [2004-2005]

    Whenever a team loses despite playing better than the opposition it's said that a draw would've been a fair result because while they didn't get the result they got the performance. Imo, a United win would have been a fair result (but then it would be ;) ) because when you look at the whole game...
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    Manchester United Thread [2004-2005]

    After the Chelsea game I was impressed with the way some of our players played, and concerned by a few others. O'Shea really fitted into the DMF role. Maybe he's the long term replacement for Keane? He seemed far more comfortable there than he did against Bucharest and he appered more...
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    [EPL Week 1] Chelsea vs Manchester United [P + R]

    It was a good performance from United's viewpoint and all that was lacking was the all important result. You have to say that Chelsea were very, very lucky to win that game. They were dominated by a severly understrength United side that only really lacked the final ball. How many crosses...
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    [EPL Week 1] Chelsea vs Manchester United [P + R]

    Fletcher is suspended. GK: Howard CB: Keane CB: Silvestre RB: G Neville LB: O'Shea M: P Neville M: Djemba RM: Miller LM: Giggs OMF/CF: Scholes CF: Smith That's what I think we'll see.
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    Patrick Vieira to Real Madrid ??

    I am aware that he has spent 8 years at Arsenal and interest shown by other clubs has been rejected in the past. The interest shown in the past by other clubs, however, was rejected by Arsenal and not by Patrick Vieira. I feel that the interest in the past is irrelevent to his feelings now...