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  1. thomasrye

    FIFA 20 Default Database

    It seems Viktoria Köln players are missing from teamplayerlinks table. Unless I imported to my db wrong. The team exists, but no players. Anyone else able to verify this?
  2. thomasrye

    Collapsed card images for FUT

    I saw a collapsed card image in my files, but haven't been able to find more than the 2 that showed up for me. The file name was similar to normal cards except it uses a 'c': cards_bg_c_1_1_1.png should be the rare bronze collapsed card. Found them in filesystemcache /...
  3. thomasrye

    How to calculate player value and wage?

    I worked with a friend to try to figure out the formula a few years back. We got pretty close, but it was never quite exact with what we found on SoFifa and in-game comparisons. I know that's not a very helpful response, but just thought I'd let you know that someone else also found it difficult.
  4. thomasrye

    FIFA 20 EA Access, Web App and Giveaways

    We'll be watching closely for the web app release :)
  5. thomasrye

    Any News On National Teams In FIFA 17?

    I would also think that J-League addition would mean Japanese National team being added, but I'm honestly not sure why they weren't in FIFA 16, there's enough Japanese guys to fill the roster.
  6. thomasrye

    2016 Summer Transfer Window Updates

    I hope we can get some of the updated FIFA dbs as the transfer window will be heating up with England now open and USA and Brazil opening soon. Here's the transfer window dates for reference: FIFA 16 Associations 1 June – 31 July Australia 1 June – 31 Aug France, Germany, Italy, Spain 9...
  7. thomasrye

    FIFA 16 Updated Database (8th April)

    Huge transfer update in game on July 4, includes Ibra to Man United! Anyone extracted that db yet?
  8. thomasrye

    The Best FUT Create-A-Card Tool

    I have recently rolled out a big improvement to my create-a-card tool: I'd like to get feedback from people here. I still have a couple more improvements to make, but I'm willing to continue working on it if people like it and have suggestions to improve it...
  9. thomasrye Has Tools For CM, FUT and Fun -- Want To Add New Tools YOU Want

    Start with full team Thank you for the feedback. Starting with a full roster is next on my list of things to do. I agree it makes so much more sense (and is much quicker to get started).
  10. thomasrye Has Tools For CM, FUT and Fun -- Want To Add New Tools YOU Want

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to post here because I've gotten a lot of help from this forum in building my site and getting data so I wanted to try to give back in a way. The site ( already has a number of things to help you manage and analyze your Career Mode team(s)...
  11. thomasrye

    FIFA 16 Updated Database (8th April)

    Big thanks to BlackEmporer and js121 for this! Going to try to put this data in place soon.
  12. thomasrye

    NEED HELP: Export Player Database To Mysql/Excel

    Hi borusse92, Best of luck to you and your friends, but your needs are the biggest common challenge for anyone trying to start/run a FIFA site. My understanding is that most of the big players in the market (futhead, futwiz, etc) get data directly from the game via the game database on FIFA...
  13. thomasrye

    [HELP] Decrypt Full Game Database?

    Chrome blocking download This is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Chrome doesn't want to let me download it though. You sure it's not a virus!?
  14. thomasrye

    When Was The Last EA Released Squad Update ?

    I emailed sofifa a long time ago and he said he gets data directly from the game. I assume the method is similar to how it's done by people on this forum. I just want to be able to get the *FIFA game* updated rosters as often as possible. So far, I haven't found anyone on this forum that...
  15. thomasrye

    I Will Download The FIFA 16 Closed Beta

    How did it go? I'd love to get a peek at the database.
  16. thomasrye

    Squad Formations Sites

    You'd be surprised. It can certainly be hard to find, but there's stuff out there. Sometimes people keep things like that on github. Worth a shot.
  17. thomasrye

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello to anyone and everyone that reads this. I've been a FIFA fan for a long time. Started playing with the data a couple years ago and am trying to continually get better at that. I'm really only interested in the player database (players, teams, leagues, etc). So if you have any tips about...