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  1. eruan99

    Creation Master?

    As far as I am aware, the last Creation Master was for Fifa18. I would love to see a new version supporting Fifa21. I understand the RDBM is something different.
  2. eruan99

    CG file explorer import mod crashes at 99.96%

    I recently moved to a new motherboard and have a brand new win 7 installation. I already got SP1 and the latest Framework, however I am getting an error with the final stage of the loading, Legacy Parts, at 99.96% it crashes and I get the following error message: See the end of this message for...
  3. eruan99

    CM 15 Crashing

    I have a problem with CM15. I just re-arranged many teams and created some new players. There are no visible errors in CM15, no teams are over-capacity. But for some reason Fifa 15 crashes even before getting to the menu screen. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong or anything unusual...