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    RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .. Anyone Else Still Seeing FR Issues ?

    RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Intel Pentium IV 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent or higher 2GB RAM DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. 256MB Pixel Shader 3.0 (ATI x1600 or NVidia 6800 GT/GS or better) OF THE RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .. I have , 2 of the 3 Intel Pentium IV 2.0GHz...
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    This Annoys Me In Pes ... Just A Little

    This Annoys Me In Pes ... Just A Little L1 player change .. The fact that it can only jump between 2 players gets annoying at times, as it has in the past. Tonight, my forward hit a shot from outside the box , it hits off a defender and goes back along the ground into midfield. The path...
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    FIFA09 , In The Right Direction But Still ...

    FIFA09 , In The Right Direction But Still ... Not there for me .. Yes the ball pyhsics are there and the players reaction times are now spot on, twisting turning happens in an instant as it does when you press for a pass or a shot it happens right away. But, with gamepad in hand, even...
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    UK Sales ? Anyone

    UK Sales , anyone got it and if so where? I live just outside glasgow, so I called Gamestation in Paisley, guy I spoke to says its not in store yet. He said not expecting delivery until Wed/Thursday. Called Game in the Braehead Shopping Centre. same there, not in stock. Guy said they...
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    No 1 To 9 Can Anyone Conform This ?

    No 1 To 9 Can Anyone Conform This ? Was listening to the lastest Pod cast on and Adam one of the guys that run the site had been sent the final version by Konami. He was answering some Q's on the game, one about the games camera angles came up, bottom line...
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    Seeing Double ... Help! Info Please

    Seeing Double ... Help! Info Please Well ok not double , but I do see a ghosting like half of a ghost of the player sticking out of his body. Now I don't see this in PES6 that's fine so its not my eyes, and in PES2008 most of the time its fine. But when the keeper kicks the ball out I see...
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    This Page EvoWeb For 10min 15min 30min 45mins
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    From The Guys At EvoWeb .. Time Extender .. Link place the trainer exe on your desktop (not over the exe in the demo folder) Gives you 5mins each half .. D/ld and open, in the dialog box hit all files and go to the demo folder and pick the exe. Then Launch the game from...
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    Evo Web Site ??

    Evo Web Site ?? Is it down ? I've been trying to get onto it for a few hours and all I get is a blank page , nothing at all.
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    Are Konami = PES A One Trick Pony !

    Are Konami = PES A One Trick Pony ! Are they a one trick pony? how many footballers have we seen over the years that look amazing but after seeing them game after game you see them for what they are, a one trick pony. Are Konami the same in terms of PES, year after year after year...
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    Fifa Gameplay Videos ?

    I would have though with the demo not that far off now and even the game release at the end of next month , where would have been more actual gameplay video the 3 of keeper crosses and throughball are welcome but I would have thought that were would have been game videos shown by now.
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    Reto Game Help ..Please.

    Reto Game Help ..Please. Found an old bag of games and was looking to play some of them, I know and about and have tried right clicking on there exe's for compatibility mode but they still don't run.. I am sure when I tried one a few years ago I found a file that I had to d/ld to get...
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    After Years Of PES On My PC , I Could Be Going Back To FIFA

    One great new feature will be that the player and ball physics are going to be seperate. The ball physics is completely self-contained and the player now reacts on the ball and not the other way. This means that if a player is running with the ball in his feet the ball can bounce off his foot...
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    FIFA08 Manual Throughball Crossing Video ..
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    You Dirty Diving B .. From The Team That's Gving You Shirt Pulling ..

    You Dirty Diving B .. From The Team That's Gving You Shirt Pulling .. - 3 Buttons combination to press for a dive. - Very difficult to dive, because the referee's often give you the yellow card. - Gameplay and Passing faster. - Shooting is better/harder. - No difference between PC/Xbox...
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    Running Hot ???

    Running Hot ??? Could this be the cause of my game freezing and my monitor rebooting ? cpu temp - idle 51-55c pes6 window 800x600 78c cpu fan running 4500
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    Crowd Help !

    Crowd help! Before I unistalled PES6 because of crashes I moved the kit/stadium server out and the dat file with the fifa commentary and my option file. Before I did this all the stadium via the kit/stadium server had full crowds, when I reinstalled the base game and then I put back the fifa...
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    Seabass Has His Own Blog Space ... link!

    Heads up ! Seabass Has His Own Blog Space ... link! And listening to the sound post on Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog, the site has the official backing of Konami and releases details to them ...
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    Crowd Help Please

    Crowd help please. I have had problems with crashes with my new x1650 pro 512mb card and thought that if I reinstalled the game it might help. Graphics wise the game was fine (well I think) I don't know what was causing the crashes, but anyhoo the crowd in the stadiums were fine (added...