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    [REQ] FIFA 12 online check up servers?

    anyone knows the fifa 12 online check servers so i can block them in windows "host" file? i have done that in fifa 11 and the game takes 1 second to boot becouse the online servers are blocked in windows "host" (its like dont have a internet conection) anyone here with a good firewall can...
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    FIFA 12 "rna.ini" configs

    lets share some configs here i hope someone share all options available for FIFA 12 rna.ini here is my configs: (post yours too)
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    [REQ] NO blur and more sharpen

    is possible to make a patch like this to fifa 12? someone made one for pro evolution soccer 2012 and the game is now PERFECT. both games are very bad in default settings. thanks.
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    how to acess to FIFA 12 Full DATABASE ?

    any tool out there to acess FIFA 12 DATABASE ? by the number of gameplay mods posted i can tell something is out there... thanks