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    Cm 06

    Well i bought the new champ manager 06 for the xbox the other day and started off as notts county in league 2 i finished 3rd in the first season and got promoted to leage 1 i have signed some quality players in Faustino Asprilla,Adam Le Fondre,Liu Xiaofeng in my first season with a couple of...
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    challenge for xbox 01/02

    hi i am looking for a challenge to do and diary for here i will keep youy informed every so often you will not be dissapointed no screenshots though but mark my word i will not lie i would also want one to suggest 1 more country as i will be having the conference as its a good way to loan your...
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    Stu Cox's Barmy Army !!! GTFC

    July 2004 and with the sacking of Nicky Law fresh in the minds of grimsby fans the board decided to turn to a youthful manager and it ended up been no other then the local lad Stu Cox who playing carrear doesnt say much as it was ended last season due to a knee injury. Cox who played for...
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    a forum for all

    please take a look
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    some1 ask me a team to challenge eng 3/conf only

    Hi i have the 02-03 game for xbox and i am lookin for a team to manage in the 3rd division in England ... i am also lookin for 1 other country to put in as i will be having the conference in aswell
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    Help wanted

    ive already asked this but it wasnt made that clear how do you unlock the hall of kits (its on ps2) and when you have 3rd strips can you choose to wear them ??
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    help wanted

    hi how do you unlock the kits in hall of kits im in carrear and beating teams (most of them anyway) and it says beat the teams and i am any suggestions ???
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    This might not be in 2004 but ...

    It might not matter to all u premier lovers but what about the pyarmid system and conference that will be quality Man utd v Bishop auckland who i play 4 (well will be next season)
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    need a challenge poll

    ive added a poll here because i dont want to clog up i need a challenge so ive added a poll to see where i will come or ypu reckon where i will
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    need a challenge

    Hi i have champ manager for the xbox and i want to know what team to do in a challenge for champ manager when i get it back after i lent it out please could you state a team for me ro take charge of in England and the other 2 leagues to be included in the league Thanks the first person who...