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    ManUtdFan20'S Kits

    I might make a few kits here and there, Not many though. Also wont be able to test them as I have moved to xbone instead of pc.
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    ManUtdFan20's Balls and Stuff

    Here I will post some Boots and balls that i create. I will warn you that I rarely make boots or balls. Heres My first ball. The Capital One Cup ball: Texture: Rx3: Just copy and past the files to sceneassets\ball And make sure you...
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    ManUtdFan20's Kits

    Finally I though I would start with a fresh thread from scratch. FIFA 15 kits that I make will be posted here!
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    Some one needs to make a petition to remove attribute cards from FUT. Who ever decided to have them should get fired. Its straight up cheating and pathetic.
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    Just went on FUT and EA decided to give away 2 free all rare gold packs that are untradable, And I Happen to get IF Rojo in one. Thanks EA. Could of atleast given me Bale or Reus.
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    People Quitting Instantly Online ?

    Anyone else come up against a few differnet people that have all bronze teams with no chemistry and have all the players out of position then just quit the game as soon as it kicks off ? I think they do it to get a few free coins some sort of bots or something. Cause if you quit the game...
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    Whats the point of it? When the only people you come up against are retarded 5 year old noobs with only one tactic. Pass to the wing, Run forward, Cross it in, Goal. and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, And Ea Scripting, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and...
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    Game Crashing

    When ever I go to edit player in the game it just crashes anyone have any solutions ?
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    Latest Transfer DB

    Anyone Have a DB with all the latest and up to date transfers for all teams ? And I've tried regularcats and it doesn't seem to be all there. Fabio is still at United so is Zaha. Anyone have a DB with ALL the transfers from the lastest EA squad update?
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    Editing DB

    Seems like we can freely edit the DB this year without it effecting the career mode files, Just edited the database to make all boots visible in game and then I loaded a career mode i started before i edited the DB and i could pick any of the boots that I made visible no crashing or anything.
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    Updated EPL and FL Championship & League 1 & League 2 Sleeve Patches

    Decided to fix the sleeve patches in the english divisions as they were terrible and non existent for the football league. Links: English Premier League: FL Championship: COMING SOON FL League 1: COMING SOON FL League 2: COMING SOON...
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    Career Mode Becoming Damaged ?

    Started a career mode played it for a couple hours then quit out. Just went to go back in and its now saying my career mode file is damaged and I cant play it anymore ? Wtf is going on EA?!?!?
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    ManUtdFan20's Boots

    Nike HyperVenom Phantom Football Boots - Electro Purple/Volt/Black: Boot: Reflex: Bump: Enjoy!
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    Why are liverpool so OP in fifa ?

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    New FIFA 13 Update ?

    Anyone know what it consists of ?
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    This Game...

    Is it me or does this game seem to get more annoying and crap the longer you play it ? 2 3rds out of all the games I play I get cheated a goal/or the game. and the CPU and freely handle the ball and foul you. And when your player gets close its a free kick for the CPU. Might give PES a go..
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    Need a favour. please

    Can someone do me a big favour and go to this website, and make an account for me please, Using this email: [email protected] Don't care what the username is or anything, just if someone could make an account for me on the site and PM the username...
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    Career Mode Crashing

    anyone know what the problem is > I was playing a career mode with tottenham and then i quit and save quit the game load up again and try to play and it crashes everytime as if its killed my career mode.
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    At Times This Game Is ....

    Seriously, Played it yesterday was having great fun. Played it for about 30 mins today and its the most annoying game in the world. Every time I attack and get in the final 3rd they foul me. Then they sprint up the field and before I can do anything my defends start moving away from the...
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    Is There A Way To Edit The Boot Models ?

    Just wondering if there is a way to edit the boot models, Like add more studs and change the studs on the boots ?