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    crash to windows after load

    help plz, i just d/led the latest drivers that do support DX9 for my voodoo 5 but each i try to either go to practice, play a friendly etc, it loads then crashes to windows b4 the match ACTUALLY starts
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    any problex with 3dfx cards? (voodoo 5 etc)

    i have a voodoo 5 and i remember the menu's in fifa 2004 etc were buggy with graphics card. they weere all black and white and i had to use the keyboard instead of a mouse coz most of the buttons where invisible. any idea if 3dfx cards are better supported now? thx alot
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    anyone else think players like Robben, Iniesta and Vicente are underrated? vicente's attributes are good but i feel his balance and few of his mental stats should be higher. or at least his potential shoudl be higher than. iniesta is actually highly underrated and robben has like 14 for...
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    help required, i think bug

    my friend whose in june 2008 said he his game crashes to windows. an illegal operation or sumthing. it happens whenever he clicks on 'training' so he cant change any training and new players he buys will be stuck on 'first team'. is this a bug or is the problem unique to him only? think it...
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    offer u cant refuse...

    my friend just foned me. he's in his 4th season with juventus. milan just offered him 50m euros + carlos teves for wesley sneijder. LMAO. he wanted to know if he should accept. so i said yea if he could do with another striker. he already has pazzini, gilardino and trezeguet and he's getting...
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    Urgent Help Required!!!

    hey guyz i finally got the game from an online store and i realised it doesnt have the english languange!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW? is there anywhere i can d/l the english language pack or if someone wouldn't mind sending me the file? someone who has broadband or sumthing? its installed in...
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    any idea when update is coming out?

    I'm gonna get FM in a few days and i was wondering when the update is coming out. i might just wait for the update b4 i start a new game, i hate bugs :( and i hate having to restart a game everytime a new patch comes out, so any idea guyz? thx alot
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    need advice for my tactic...

    do you guyz think this will work? i'm tired of my 'leaky' defence in my current tactic. which is a sweeper (runnining to CD) , 2 CD, 2 DMC, LM,CM,RM running up and to FC anyone thinks this will work? plus my friend whipped me with his 4-4-2, i'm guessing coz i had 3 at the back his wingers...
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    [cm 03/04] HELP with adu/editor

    i wanted to do what u guyz suggested and make a copy of Freddy Adu so that he could be in my game, but when i click his name in the editor, my editor crashes! what the hell!!???
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    2 bugs i might have noticed

    the 1st one, when u dont play someone for like 4 or 5 games. then u select them in yuor 1st team for th next game, they complain about not being a first team player. this ALWAYs happens. as soon as u drag the desired position onto the player, press continue (this is before matchday) i dunno...
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    i'd also like some advice

    i play 2 forwards, 1 LM, 1 MC and one RM all running right to the top and 2 DM and 2 CB with mexes as a sweeper. i seem to concede PATHETIC goals, whilst not condeded a whole, but give about lotsa important ones. any idea? it used to be 3 CB till i change to sweeper to prevent more goals. my...
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    van der vaart disappoints

    he's been unsettled for 3 seasons now! i play him at least 30 matches , he scores like 4 and assists about 4. his average is slightly over 7 so i opened the editor and saw his adaptability is 0! that means in some games he'll be really good and other games not. i think that is sh*t but i...
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    this shooting bug!

    i'm like 100% sick of my top players inablility to finish. 20 shots on goal, 10 on target (other 10 go over the bar!) and the other 10 on target prolly went straight to the keeper. thx to that in seriie A, my milan are 7th with 9 games, 6 draws, 1 loss and 2 wins! at least they started...
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    [CM 0304] i need a goalie!! HELP :P

    hey anyone know of any good goalies, preferably under the age of 26 that i can buy for a decent price? at the moment i got dida but he lets in some really annoying goals and abbiati's stats dont impress me too much
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    damn he's good

    someone asked how much? well i managed to get van der vaart for 25m in my 2nd season with milan. i also sign cavenaghi (whose #@*%ing good too) for about 13m and i got barry and pennant thru bosman ruling
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    A question about bugs in 03/04

    wahts the worst bug in the new CM. nothing as bad as the score changing bug???
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    ASAP : should i get FIFA 2004??

    guyz i need an educated repsponse here. its between CM 03/04, NHL 2004 or FIFA 2004. i am big soccer fan, and fifa fan, but i just wanan know what u guyz think about the game. plz tell me some of the bugs, etc. i got the demo. i have to say freestyle moves are hard to pull off on keyboard...
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    Curling shots??

    i've just got the demo, had a few games. i'm glad that fifa 2004 supports voodoo 5 better than 2003 as i can now see players names and numbers @ the back of shirts. hair of the players isn't that great tho, must be my graphics card. i was just wondering if we can curl shots and stuff in open...
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    question about backgrounds

    i want to make it so that all my AC Milan pictures appear when i'm viewing my Milan team, so i put all my milan pics into graphics/backgrounds/clubs/AC Milan and i also tried graphics/backgrounds/clubs/Milan but still no go, any idea what other name it could be? is it case sensitive? cos it...
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    Milan Bankrupt

    i started of Season 2 with a transfer budget of 44m i bought Daniele Bonera for 20m BUT for some reason it went down as a loan from the bank and i had to 600k per month for 3 years or so, so in affect i still had 44m, then i bought a few more players but made sure i had 14m left because of...