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    Cant Start New Game!!

    For some reason when i try to start a new game, the game just freezes. It goes all the way through the sequence, then after the part where it says "Setting Up Manager Shortlists", the screen lights back up and then it just freezes! Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Transfer Bug?

    I agreed a fee of 11 500 000 euros: Completed the transfer for the agreed fee: But the then fee some how doubled!! : This obviously isn't supposed to happen!! :kader:
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    Is there any way to see the profiles of the board room staff (Chairman, Director,etc) ???
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    Strikers wont score!!

    I'm Bayern (of course) , i bought Tevez and i create tons of chances but i just dont score!! Everything is inches wide or just over the bar, any suggestions?
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    Germany Quickstart??

    Where can i find a germany quickstart? I dl 2 QS packs and none contain a german qs. Anyone knows where i can get one?
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    GK Selling Out??

    I still cant figure out if this is an accident or not .
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    Free Transfers update wont work

    When i try to start a new game it says CM0304 has encountered a problem and needs to close. Any ideas on wat the problem may be?
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    I found i great site for skins , menubars, etc. But it is in french. Here is the Bayern one i downloaded :)
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    Amazing Staff!!!!!

    I just found these gems. Must be regen staff but they are f**kin amazing!!!
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    Freddy Adu not in v4.1.2!!

    Since Adu has now signed for DC United, he has been removed from the DB with this patch :( . But, there is still hope. Just start a new game, buy him, save, then update yur game so you'll have him :p .
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    Ultimate CM 03/04 bug!!!!!

    I was so shocked when this happened!!! How could a game be this dumb!!! My GK got injured and had to go off but instead of going to my tactics automatically, the game went on as normal without a GK in my bars,and u all kno wat happened next!!! :f***: . I got to make the sub AFTER they...
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    Penalty bug??

    Just take a look at this!!!! :f***:
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    OTB is back

    Not sure if i'm allowed to do this, if i'm not plz dont red card me but OTB is back up, its under new management. Go here
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    Windows wont load!!!!!

    I put in a new ram chip and now my computer doesnt load up windows, it says "windows did not load successfully possibly due to a recent hardware or software change" sumting like that. I took it out and it still doesnt work!!! Gives me the same message with a couple options, 1)Safe mode...
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    Co ownership

    Y can you only make coownership deal for players under youth contracts?? Is this just for the demo or wat? :confused:
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    Agents offering their client to clubs?!?!!

    This happened shortly after i declared my interested in Kezman. Has anyone else seen this??
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    Help needed!!

    I made this pic to use with in CM4 but it doesnt show up properly. Can sumone plz put it in the write format and stuff for me. Format: 60x60, transparent , *.png. Thanks
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    [CM4] New Wonderkid!!!!

    Has anyone found this guy?? He has a wonkerkid description in my game
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    National Team Staff

    Is it possible to hire staff if you are managing a national team?? I really need an assistant manager :(
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    Programming with C++

    Is anyone good at this?? I need some help!