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    Fonts and Minikits By: Gabo

    Selection Brazilian fonts 2013/2014 By: Gabo Home Away GK
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    Someone could do Ball (Cafusa Cup 2014 and new Nike Maxin)

    Cafusa the next ball Cup Cup Confederações 2013 and Cup 2014 Brazil Nike Maxin CBF a the next ball Brasileirão 2013
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    Updated teams(Patchs Cmp) By: Gabo

    Updated Chelsea FC 2012 * Castings updated * Kits updated * Mini kits updated * Mini faces (many) * Faces (many) * New faces * New flags * Ball * 5 new cleats * Adboard (advertising board) * Tactical Scheme * Configured * Version 2.0 * (CMP Format - install the CM08)...
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    Erro formation CM08 Bug !! help !!

    I did a formation by cm08 and erased the name and gave error ... I just saved and opened again when bug !! :facepalm: is to solve??? :read: the images of the error: The game no starts...and no is fat !!!!